Why is this game destorying on my PC?

Ok so I built my pc. It is well able to play crysis 3, crysis 2, BF4 on High settings. This game is running on Simple and when I turn it on from Steam I am getting nothing but lag and my GPU card seems to pick up some amount of speed. Is there any performance issues that you guys are having to solve this problem? Even when refreshing the servers it seems to take ages to register what I have clicked and then it just spazes out and lags like crazy. I cant even scroll through the servers never mind getting to the actual game.

All help welcome

What graphics card do you have?

I am running a Radeon HD 4800 man. Let me know

4800 is a series, not a model.

Well… I dont have any Problems with that Game. A Friend of me had simular Problems. He install newest Driver (NOT the Beta thing) and it might works. Try that, maybe it works :wink:

Thats my mistake I have the 4870 :slight_smile:

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hey man how did you update out of the Beta thing haha :smiley: what did you use to update? was it the actual driver software or something to do with Rust?

4870 is a pretty old card, bro. Comparable to an 8800GT, my buddy has an 8800 and can play on lowest settings without lag, it’s likely your processor or RAM.

Well you have two options…buy a better graphics card or attempt to optimize the game.

Optimize the game
-Turn the grass off grass.on false
-Disable windows aero effects
-put everything as low as possible
-Here are some commands you can mess within the console (F1)
grass.on False
grass.forceredraw False
grass.displacement False
grass.disp_trail_seconds 1000
grass.shadowcast False
grass.shadowreceive False
-Overclock your card

Buy a new graphics card
-I recommend a Radeon 6670. It run rust at a good 40 and it is very cheap.
-If you have a lot of money buy either one of the R9’s or a GTX 760 or better.

BF4 on high, hard to believe… With that graphic card… If you want some help, be truth about everything.

Also, when you say you can run Crysis on high… Singleplalyer right…? You can’t compare sp with a 128 slot server. Higher slots = higher cpu stress

I know its old but do you not think it would even load the server screen? Even at the main menu screen it is so laggy. Just updated all drivers and nothing

A 560 Ti will run it maxed at around 45, tested it.

How much ram do you have?

Do not get a 6670… They are horrible cards that over heat and have many screen tear problems. I just had to replace mine after only 8 months of use.

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Honestly, look for any cheap GTX 400 or above. These vid cards are usually dirt cheap and are 256bit so they are able to be over clocked and have solid fans. You can grab them for around $40 these days. Also check out your local thrift stores. Many PCs there have after market parts in them and you can score them for, like, $10.

Maybe clean your computer’s fans

Looking into getting a GTX650ti boost 2GB for around 150 euro.

that’s funny because usually even a high end card can’t play bf4

Back when I was running an Athlon II and a 760 i could play bf4 maxed at a solid 60+…

BF4 isnt that hard to play on high? I mean ultra I cant deal with but I get around 42/45 most of the time

It’s probably rust.

Heh, get it?