Why is this not working?

I’m trying to make a useful e2 extensions, but it’s not working and I dont’t know why.

This is the part that gives an error:

local screenPos = this:GetPos():ToScreen()

this is the actual error:

sv: Expression 2 (xThaWolfx): entities/gmod_wire_expression2/core/custom/onscreen.lua:7: attempt to call method ‘ToScreen’ (a nil value)

help? :smiley:

What is this? (the variable)


You may want to check that this:GetPos() returns a valid vector before you ToScreen it.

You are running this on the server, it needs to be on the client.



http://wiki.garrysmod.com/favicon.ico](http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Vector.ToScreen)** client side only.

omg…I’m an idiot… thanks!

No problem.

but now I have a next problem -__-

I removed the server side file, and made it client side.
But now the extension doesn’t show up in the e2 ):


K it shows up, it just doesn’t work now -_-

I have no idea how e2 works, are there any other errors?

not really, there are no other bugs

Edit: And now it doesn’t show up again -______________-