Why is this script breaking prop protection?

I buddy of mine wanted me to convert SandBoxTeams to an Addon instead of a .gma file. Which wasn’t a problem I added/fixed a couple things and its working fine now. Except for some reason it messes with prop protection and players can remove each others props and set materials on each other. All the other stuff with FPP seems to be working fine except that. I removed the teams that this original addon was making/setting thinking that was breaking it, but it still didn’t fix this issue.

This current code works fine except it breaks prop protection:

What does your prop protection do?
For example you may be overriding the prop protection hook in your CanTool hook.

I believe the prop protection sets it so players can not remove/change other peoples props unless they are on a “buddy” list. Let me comment that hook out and see what happens.

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Nice it worked man thanks a bunch!