Why is this technology an anathema to me?

I’m trying to establish a GMOD DarkRP server and failing miserably…Everything is up and running, but the problem is my server is not showing up on the master list. People (my friends) whom I have given the IP to can join, but since it doesn’t appear on the master list, no one else can join.

I think it could be an issue with my fail port-forwarding (New DLINK DIR-628 router makes the task seem much more daunting…) So here is an image of what I have forwarded:


Could anyone provide any help or support?

Try ‘heartbeat’ in the server console?


Without the single quotes.

I do that; every time I launch my server from the shortcut I have created, I type in console: Heartbeat, and sv_lan 0. :frowning:

Have you also forwarded the ports that are used to connect to steam master servers? Wait a moment, I’ll check what they were…


Hm, the Source master server is, according to VDC wiki, at hl2master.steampowered.com:27011, and protocol used is UDP.

Is there anything I can type in console and/or put in my autoexec that will allow for my server to connect to that IP for the master list?


Maybe you should do as I told and forward that port?


27011 udp