Why is TTT so popular?

[del]What makes TTT so popular? I’m not trying to talk it down and say that it’s bad (I personally enjoy it), I’d just like to understand the appeal behind it in more detail. Why do you personally enjoy TTT? What makes it fun?[/del]

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I guess that was a stupid question.

I don’t really enjoy TTT as much as I used to, but there are some key things such as

-No round/scenario is the same
-Huge choice of weapons allow for different play styles
-Providing it’s played correctly, there can actually be some depth to the game
-While 90% of players are obnoxious/entitled asshats, there is a small percentage of users who make the game incredibly fun to play

It’s included with the game.

I blame garry. That entitled asshole had to go and hold a contest for fretta where someone could make some money. That someone would then have their new gamemode shipped with garrysmod.

What kind of a asshole would give back to the community.
This is all sarcasm.

Because it’s easy to get into, there is a lot of interaction with players, huge variety of what you can do, no two rounds are really the same. Also it basically holds server owner’s hands if they want to create a server, you have to be a huge idiot to be stumped by TTT unless you’re trying to do some bizarre stuff.

I liked TTT because it was sometimes fun. (Meaning there were the dicks that made it annoying) and it was extremely easy to learn how it works. It also got me started in coding so there’s that.

I like TTT because if you can get a good group of players it can become very in depth. The constant map changes and variety of items keep you on your toes wondering who is a friend and who is a foe. If you’re a good traitor you can go entire games without firing a single shot or use your imagination to kill someone in the most creative way possible.

That is of course if you have a good community.

Just restarted my TTT server today, I had a load of fun with everyone, even though we only had 10 players max and most the people were the old regulars, currently running semi-vanilla TTT with pointshop and a custom HUD. But its not the flashy gimmicks that male it addictive. Really its just about the people who play gamemode at its core. Who can and can’t you trust? Your own friends are turning against you? Will turning your back pump you with lead? Did that guy really accidently fall to his death?

Its also a good place to start learning lua.