Why isn't there a console command to edit player's jump heights?

I know there’s a gravity modifier, but I don’t want to affect objects or fall slower, I just want to jump higher. Is there a command for that? If not, is there a general addon or mod that has options for stuff like that?

I know there are lua commands for these. SetWalk, SetRun, SetJump ect all effect players movements.

sv_gravity -10000

Should easily affect jumping heights.

You didn’t even bother to read the opening post, did you?

actually, if you go into a map, set sv_gravity to whatever, you won’t affect props unless you load a new map (does still make you fall slower though)

reading the op, that is still a dealbreaker.

holy shit no one reads the op

You could use the “sv_gravity #” Command. But it makes you fall slower.

Did ANYBODY in this thread read the goddamn OP???

I did.
Best I have is E2 functions for these.

There’s a jetpack addon that was featured on garrysmod.com, it does more or less what ou want.