Why isn't there a reasonable survival gamemode?

Now, when I say “Survival Game-Mode” I mean “Survival Game-Mode”. Not GMod stranded, which is a farming simulator, or the old rust project where the dev is now wiped from the face of the earth, i’m talking about a SURVIVAL GAME-MODE.

Let me explain.

There should be a start and an “endgame” to it. Not a real endgame. The Terraria type of “endgame” where you reach a point where it’s very easy to do anything but there’s still some things you can’t do/missed out on.

Things that the game-mode should have (I’m going to go more into detail with all of the ideas)

► A decent starting incentive - You start with a starting tool, like a rock or a basic axe of some kind, where you go and beat the absolute crap out of resources with it until you get what you want.
► You get to build something out of modular pieces and this is your base of operations. Kind of rust-like.
► There’s diseases and famine, bleeding, and a need for water and food. You can optionally eat human meat, but the food will mostly come from the environment.
►There’s craftable guns and some craftable weapons like rust. But, most weapons can be found naturally.
► A restriction on early guns to stop spawn-scalping and running out naked ASAP to try and get as much as you can, run back, and then do it again.

Category one; ► Decent starting incentive :boxhide:

There should be a ((decent)) reason to get your head outside of a shitty cave and go and smash people’s heads in with your rock and then make an even bigger rock to smash people’s heads in,
so, here’s my plan.

The starting weapon should be an axe head.
Why, you might say?
So you can upgrade it later. You can just smash the axe head against trees and then upgrade it. Then upgrade it more. Then more. MORE. Until you can’t upgrade it.

I’m adding another category in here outta nowhere because I CAN. (nerds) :ok:

► Resource Gathering - Craft a splintery tool which you’re supposed to use every few hours out of the unsanitary, unlichened, uncleaned, unpolished, unsheened, unglazed, and wormwood infested tree you just cut down!

There will be a tree model. And it will spawn everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
You can use the axe head to chip at this tree but not cut it down. You get wood chunks for doing it, which allows you to turn the axe head into a pickaxe.
Then, from the pickaxe, there will be rocks around the place which you can chip away at. This will give you rock, which allows you to start working on your base.
From the fully crafted axe, you can chop down trees and get logs. I’m leaving this kinda open ended as to leave anyone with an idea on how to code the freedom to do anything and not worry about what i’m adding.

► Diseases

Ate some random berries from an odd looking bush? Got that coconut with brown milk? Been in the swamp a while?
Well, good news! You got a DISEASE!

Diseases in the game-mode should be attribute modifying. Slowly killing you would be kind of unfair, unless you ate the same disease ridden thing multiple times.

Something like this:

She’Ankh’T’Ne’Tu - Known by non-natives as Slitbumps

After getting a cut from a wild animal, you have a chance to get Slitbumps. Your playermodel will turn darker and you’ll begin to slow… down… slooowllly… and… surely…

-10 Max Health, the damage to your immune system already has caused a weakening… until 2 hours (or (x) ingame days) later… aproximately!
-5% Speed per (day?/20 minutes?). Sounds will slowly become distorted and eventually you can’t sleep due to sluggishness. Left untreated, you can get a permanant -50% speed boost. Running at this speed will return you to normal walking speed.

Blue Eye - Contracted from (poop? Toxic areas with no protection?)

One day you’re walking… and you, for some reason, smell something that smells like it came out of a 5 year old colostomy bag. From someone with IBS-D.

The next (day?/(x) time?) you will slowly start seeing in… blue. You’ll also become really spastic, so you’ll randomly twitch or move around.
Left untreated, the screen will become a deep, deep blue after a certain amount of time. You’ll be rendered unable to see.
Then, if the blueness is left untreated for another minute, your head explodes (or in better terms, shrinks until it’s not visible) and your body turns blue. Anyone touching this body or near it wil get Blue-Eye.

►Early Scalping Prevention

Simple. All weapons will spawn in a zone that gives you some sort of incentive to GET THE HELL OUT. Like NPCs that try to shoot you with decent guns on sight.

► Craftable and Natural Guns

I’m leaving this open ended.

So, how would anyone rate this? Is this a good idea? Am I a fucking idiot and have I not searched enough for a decent survival game-mode? Who knows? Tell me in the replies.

There was a Garry’s mod gamemode called Zworld, it was a survival zombie gamemode, it wasn’t anything really special but it was decent to play with friends. It wasn’t really that popular so the server would always lack players, but I belive it still exists and you should try it.

I would recommend against Zworld (full title: Zworld Afterlife). It’s fairly in-depth but the gun mechanics are awful and unfun.

It could be that very good gamemodes just aren’t popular with the young crowd porition of Gmod. Believe me, I want some good gamemodes, my dude, but a good gamemode might not bring the numbers for a server. This is nothing against your very good idea, but I’m just stating my two cents.

I made one a while back but never really saw many people playing it, and got little feedback on it too so I eventually dropped it.

I’d happily be a beta tester for it if it got revived.

How did I missed that? I would love to try that too!

I am not really sure if this is what you are looking for, but Industrial Chaos is a horror-survival gamemode but it’s serious rp. There is hunger, thirst, insanity, death penalties, extensive crafting and farming, factories, and PvP. I was given the permission and gamemode files by the developer Sotla to run it after he abandoned it and I am going to try and continue working on it. IP is removed

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Maybe because of lack of tasks. I got stuck with such situation many times when survival gamemode doesn’t give me any boost and trusts my creativity too much. Finding the ways to keep the golden mean between customizability and accidental plot is just what needed in survival games today, IMO.

BTW, binding to specific plot is also an issue: many hours wasted to write good story. It would be so great if you get such character that evolves as you make very different things (drugs must not belong to central stuff). And target of the world/map is to move characters’ story some way.

I don’t really understand why survival game world must be too generic and miss adventure attitude. How does it take care of puzzles? Will it be another sandbox where you can kill somebody without risks, but with limitations, or not? (― Hooray, another sandbox with limitations!) You know, it’s not only about shooting and borrowing things.

Another answer to your question: because they suck much “survival classics” invented by someone else and came into common use that “community” appreciates and expects. Not trying to say that it’s the bad plan though, somebody states it as stable one, and somebody just can’t carry all the ideas for adventure map.

There might be more reasons to keep silence about it, however Survival as genre itself is going out of survivability. Irony. What I was thinking about is something like Survival + Adventure or Action-adventure (ah, metroidvania is awesome thing to check out also). I hope somebody really got this concept or, what’s better, went to contribute S+A gamemode development.