Why isn't this code working?

So, there’s no errors… Everything works, but you stay in thirdperson view(you also spawn in thirdperson view)… Someone please help me!


Not sure if this is the problem or not, but you seem to be returning nothing in the CalcView hook at one point in your code when it expects a table… also, you don’t need to be doing

if var == true then

In your code so much, taking away the ‘== true’ bit will do the same thing

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Also, you seem to be doing

else return

quite a bit, but you don’t always need to use ‘else’ unless there is actually something for the code to do if the condition is false, if there isn’t, the code will end anyway

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Also, I don’t quite see why you have that ShouldDrawLocalPlayer hook when you’re already doing

drawviewer = true

In your CalcView hook’s table

Thanks bro, optimized the script as well as fixed. I really appreciate your help!