Why it's annoying to see people berating others to post in the "Question Megathread"

I think having a Question Megathread is a good thing, but the constant “You should have posted this in the question megathread” is getting a bit annoying. People don’t have to post in the Question Megathread if they don’t want to, and you are just cluttering up the very forum you are trying to “clean” every time you post that in someone’s thread.

#1 - believe it or not, forums are meant for things called “Topics” which nicely organize a person’s question, idea or statement…

#2 - when someone is having a problem in Hammer Editor, and they make a topic about it, it helps others who are having the same problem “come together” and discuss the solution without the clutter of other people’s questions

#3 - having a topic dedicated to one specific problem is far easier to search for using the search engine than having to sift through the pages of an enormous “Question Megathread”

#4 - having a “Question Megathread” is redundant in the fact that technically, you are making another sub-forum disguised as a thread with just a bunch of mini-topics inside it. It completely skips the fact that we ALREADY have something called a “Mapping Forum” where people are supposed to ask their questions…

I know plenty of you will disagree, but if you do, please explain…I would like to hear your reasonings. Also, don’t get me wrong, I am not against a Question Megathread, only that I wish people would stop posting their opinions on it in every single topic that is made outside of the Megathread

Yes and no.

Complex questions/problems might deserve their own thread, but trivial stuff (like usage of the editor) just clutters the thread list. Take this for example.


Exactly. Thealmightlol has posted 4 help threads in as many days.


That thread was a response to someone telling him to find the brush and fix/delete it in another thread.

The reason why the help threads were set up is so that people can ask there little questions without filling the main page for more complex discussions. We were finding that peoples wip threads were being buried under a sea of “how do i make a brush”, and “why does my water no show properly”.

I understand what you are saying, but a topic is a topic; also a beginner does not know the difference between a complex problem and a simple problem due to having no experience with the program (Hammer). The stupid questions will be asked whether we like it or not, and unfortunately those who ask them usually don’t know that they are so simple, so they make a thread about it.

As for those who do know the difference, then good for them that they may post in the Question Megathread, but if someone wants to make a thread about it (so they can find it easier) then why not let them?

To be fair, recently we got this thread:


Making a brush is not a hard thing to do, especially when the source engine relies on it. I know that in the school holidays we are going to get an influx of dumb posts.

Ideally though, the concept is that if you can explain it in less than a single line, it probably doesn’t deserve its own thread.

It really depends on the question. Something intriguing, debatable and tricky would deserve a thread, but something like: “How do I make a player spawn?” or “How do I make water?” Would be better off in the question megathreads.
It isn’t that bad though. From observation, it seems a lot harsher in the Lua section. Or I might think that because I only posted there a few times to comment on projects. Correct me if I’m wrong. :smile:

I think we should give fair pointers to people if they make question threads. Give them the answer, but then if it’s a really simple question, suggest that they could use the megathread, or search for it. I understand mapping questions that have a wall of text for a thread of it’s own, but when it’s just a simple, “How do I make a light?” or something, I see no use. Unless it’s something like, “How do I make my lighting more realistic?” because the answers could then be more in depth.

That’s just my opinion on it.

This wouldn’t be a problem if people names their threads properly. “How do I fix ‘make_triangles:calc_triangle_representation: cannot convert’ ?” would be okay. However, “map not compiling :(” wouldn’t be.

Just a few highlights from the front page…

-sound effects changing on location
-a couple mapping questions
-where to start with mapping
-so many questions, halp!
-need some help for this
-VBSP.exe has crashed
-need help optimising
-Source SDK won’t make a.bsp!!!11
-resizing a brush. please help :frowning:

Why do we have a sticky then

What’s the point of question threads then? I think that as long as you politely remind them that there is a question thread, there’s nothing wrong with it. Especially since most of the question threads are quick fixes.

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For example, look at the airsoft subfourm: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/393-Airsoft
We (the guys that have been there for quite a long time now) remind new people that there are megathreads for questions and such, so the forum is clean. Makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

This should have been posted in the question megathread.

Was thinking about this, instead of a questions megathread, a questions subforum within mapping would both help keep the main area ‘clean’ and have individual discussions over certain issues. Shame we can’t make subforums ourselves.

Would still be missed.

I would blame that on the mapping subforums now being located at the bottom of the damn page…took me a month or two to realize the “Releases” subforum wasn’t removed, just placed at the bottom

Why else do 99% of other forums have their subforums (AND STICKIES) at the top of the page? Because it’s more logical, and it follows internet forum conventions. why are stickies at the top of the page, but not subforums? doesn’t make sense. I come to this forum only because it’s the only Gmod mapping forum that gets good traffic, but i’ll be damned if it’s to appreciate its moderating

Go email Garry about it. He changed it. I’m sure you remember the big box on top that said to read the rules way back in 06 or so.

honestly the mega thread can be used as an archive for people who need help if you think about it. If you go in search, and search the problem, it will lead you to the thread with the problem in it. Rather than 100’s of other threads, and it just keeps the place tidy. Why do we have a pimpage thread?

So that the mapping section doesn’t have tons of WIP threads. Same reason the question thread is there, so we don’t have Tons of question threads. Sure it doesn’t work all the time, but we can remind people next time they have a question to post in it, so it doesn’t look annoying.

Every year the help threads get out of hand, if you recall correctly it was really making me angry and I said the same thing, people made some excellent points of why it wouldn’t work but like Firegod said below me it would still be missed, there were threads that were just if you were to google it the very first link would be able to help the person.

The simplest things were being posted of “How do you make a brush” would pop up constantly on front page. At a few times the entire front page was 75% help threads, I know its a forum where you post topics, but its not a “Help me i’m to lazy to google this!”

When people say Should of gone in the megathread, it is usually a question the OP is asking that is just so easy to answer a quick google or a quick post in the question thread would be just as easy as making the help topic.

Now if you have a legit question, of advanced mapping I feel more okay with it because the question megathread is majorly for those simple questions that people don’t know about the google and come here to post a simple question.

If it is an advanced question where if you google it you can’t really find an answer than I think it would be a little more okay as its a major question that maybe not alot of people have seen. The threads I have seen are on the premise of “How do you make …” which the … usually is brush, fog, dustcloud, prop that doesn’t move, and so on. Seeing those kind of threads are quite annoying.

Me, I have been mapping since around the year 1998, I know pretty much every aspect of mapping, I may not know it to the best extent, but I do know how to get the basics working. Not saying I know everything but if I post a topic I will make sure I have googled it and talked to the other mappers that I have on my friends list.

Well that’s enough ranting coming from me.


Just saw that link pop up on main page, as you can tell a thread like that kind of makes my point valid.