Why keep so much in your crates? Minimalism isn't a bad way to go.

Ever have your house raided and you lost everying in all of your crates?? Your gun crate, your armor crate, your sulfar crate, your metal frag crate? Of course you have. Who hasn’t? So lately, I’ve been trying to live a minimalist life.

My new goal is to keep as little on hand as possible. Storing crates full of guns is now kinda crazy to me. One, they are just sitting there waiting to be lost in a raid. Secondly, you typically only carry 2 or 3 guns on you at a time, why do I need 20 of each kind sitting at home in my base? Plus, when you do get raided and lose all of that loot, you go berserk! You rage, and go take it out on some noobs. Like it was their naked fault, lol.

So instead of being enraged, I’ve tried this out, and I’ve been raided twice since, and I didn’t care. Not one bit. So the main things in my crates are cloth, leather, blood, arrows, bows, etc. Stuff that is very easy to replace. I have some well hidden stashes of low quality metal, fragments, and gun powder. So WHEN I die, I just make new armor, weapons, mods, and ammo. Takes 5 minutes. Sure if someone finds that stash, it would suck, but at least they aren’t getting crates of guns and kevlar. For all I know, they’ll take my low quality metal and use it towards a metal base. And if they do turn it into Kevlar or Guns, I’ll eventually get them back when I raid other people.

So now when I raid people, the only thing I care about are finding C4, or the resources needed to make C4 (low grade fuel, cloth, animal fat, sulfer, flares, metal frags and gunpowder) and low quality metal. I mean sure, maybe I’ll keep one extra set of kevlar and a spare bolt action or M4 if I find one, but typically all of my friends run off with all of the guns and kevlar from the raids, and I’m totally ok with that. And I like this new life about not obsessing over loot.

Here do this. just carry a rock with you… and when you get hungry enough, die and spawn with that rock. THIS would be the minimalist way to go… and you can’t lose anything!

But seriously… I keep sh8t in my crates because its a survival hording game… And if you don’t collect stuff you’ll miss out on 70% of the gameplay.

You don’t get it. My point is that the hording guns and kevlar is pointless. It’s just there to be taken and thus giving power to someone else. When people raid you, waste all that C4, and get very little in return…YOU WIN! How many times have you raided a base, and it wasn’t worth it? Plenty, I’m sure. Stashing guns and kevlar isn’t 70% of gameplay. To me, I get a bigger kick out of raiding bases and destroying their shit, or letting my friends have it.

When I raid people, I want them to rage about losing all of their precious loot, which is really trivial.

When people raid me, I want them to rage about wasting all that C4 to get very little.

It’s just a different philosophy.

I agree, although there is a fine line. I try and keep everything in raw material form, at least that way they have to waste the time to make it usable. I do keep one set of full gear/weapons in each spawn point so I’m ready to go, but anything beyond that is just silly unless you are thinking of defending your base by repop’ing there.

Yeah this is a good strategy; its more likely people will find your base than your hidden stash.

When I started playing I initially tried that, but there was a period of a few days where items placed on the ground fell through the ground and out of the game. You may recall airdrop crates wouldn’t land they would just pass right on through the ground. All my stashes fell into the abyss and I ended up losing all my secret loot.

I lost faith in the stash at that point, but that bug was quickly fixed and is unlikely to recur. I may have to go back to doing this. Thanks for the reminder.

I used to do that too, but now I’m kind of switching to an immediate use type deal, Hiding a stash of LQM, MF, and GP is easy. So now I melt down most of the frags into LQM right away, as its easier to hide then a bunch of stacks of frags, and I turn most of the sulfer into GP right away, again so its easier to hide and stash, and I make C4 as soon as I have enough resources and then try to use it right away instead of leaving it in my base to be lost in a raid. If I’m going to lose C4, it’s going to be because I used it, or someone killed me while I was on my way to using it, lol.

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There is another trick too…If you play on a modded server or community server, they usually restart 2-3 times a day for maintenance purposes. When this happens, the Sleepers disappear. So the other trick can be to keep the valuable stuff on your body, and hope the server resets before you get raided, lol.

Well if you think that guns and kevlar is 70% of the game…then you haven’t been playing Rust.

Half the fun of the game is the fact you can build a base, and whats the point of a base if you don’t store anything in it? to keep your sleeper safe?

And as far as the “stash” thing goes… I can honestly say either

A. you play on a really low pop. server
B. you have to walk WAY out of the way to hide your stuff (like beyond the “normal” map)
C. your lying and you get your stuff stolen.

I play on a server with 40-100 ppl on all the time. and there is NO way you could hide stuff so ppl wouldn’t find it eventually.

And lets say you don’t store much at this little “base you have” whats the point in killing other players or raiding their base? you get all this loot and do what with it? drop it off a cliff? or do you just like griefing people?

I actually raid bases to further my gaming experience, hopefully I can find some ammo, maybe some building parts… heck even food is worth it.

Either way, if you are honestly doing what you propose… you will miss out on a large chunk of the game.

The REAL secret to the game is this:

ITS JUST A GAME!!! If you get raided… dont’ get all pissed and hot under the collar… play it to have fun.

I do this when it comes to building mat’s. I use it all to build rather than leave it in a box to lose. I’ll either add on to my own house to improve security, throw up a dummy house (which has been raided, and it’s HILARIOUS because there’s never anything in it), a safe place for when im out farming and don’t want to go all the way back, or simply take it with me and give it out to nakeds I come across.

Good post OP, and also funny and true. I got raided once and lost everything, and I decided I was going to take it out on the first naked I came across. But then I felt bad and found him and gave him 10 times what I took.

I for one have had to learn the hard way. Now, I have multiple small bases of metal scattered around the map. I only leave backup in crates. If I die, no real loss as I have backup.
I only build metal and when I farm, I only farm the resources needed to build one level at a time. This is to prevent any overage of mats needing to be stored. I will say though my toughest base is where I store explosives and in 10 days it hasn’t been breached or found

I’ve got well over 200 hours in and I love the game. I’m saying that keeping mass quantities of those items is unnecessary. And I still enjoy the game. I’m not saying anyone has to play this way. Just sharing some ideas.

A. Right now I’m playing on a server that averages 40-60 people online at a time.

B. Yes, my bases are always already WAY out there in the wastelands anyway, so easier to get away with this kinda thing.

C. I’ve been raided, several times, and yeah I’ve lost a ton of cloth, leather, wood, wood planks, pick axes, bows, arrows, hatchets, ammo, charcoal, medkits and chicken. Which is fine by me, its all stuff that has value, but also easily replaceable. So I don’t get all upset about what I lost. The new challenge is building a better base, in a better spot.

All I’m saying is that when I used to have chests full of guns and kevlar and I would get raided, it was hard not to be upset. because I put such a high value on those things. If someone finds my stashes, its not a big deal either, as its just resources. But at least I’m not giving the enemy an arsenal of weapons and armor. Know what I mean?

And when I do raid bases, as I said I’m all about the resources. My friends take the guns and armor for the most part. I don’t raid solo.

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Very nice. Nothing better than being able to add another day to the tally of days that no one has raided you, lol.

Just gets boring after a good time of playing… But once you stopped for a week or so it’s fun again. Specially if you get raided alot, just play another game and it’ll be fun. (might even be a update someday this year lol)

You can hide your little stash under a box if it’s really worth something. Most raiders just want to grab and go. And they might not break all your wooden boxes.

Hahaha I usually troll so hard when it comes to crates. I try to fill the 3 tier crates with nothing but charcoal and rocks. then I run and hide and sleep out of my base. I usually come back home to see crates destroyed hahah. I always laugh when I see it happened because I know it pissed them off for trying to raid me haha.

It’s the shell game. We built a massive 6x6 structure 5 high every one a room with 2-4 metal doors. Boxes in every single room. We had a group build a tower, jump on a nearby rock and get access to our roof for roof access point we left open. 6-8 c4 later they got to a box with a bit of charcoal. A few nights later they hit lvl 2 and blew another 4 doors and one wall. That time they got a bit of gun powder but no gear or guns. It’s just a big shell game. They used in game voice coms. I was rolling at how pissed they were finding all these empty crates while I crouched one room over.

I like to use everything up to build stupid shit in my base, when we raid we throw everything on the ground or give it to noobies… my house is full of triple boxes of torches and rocks. Our base is always massive so people waste 50 c4 for triple boxes full of trash they get pissed everytime…

Otherwise I keep a set or two of shit on me and have over 10 1x1’s scattered across the map and sleep in a different one everyday.

> Spawn
> Make cloth armor
> Help noobs farm in exchange for food, shelter and guns

If they get raided, who cares it was their stuff anyway :>

Awesome! That sounds like a good time!