Why Limited Addons in GMOD multiplayer?

Ok I bought GMOD within the last week, and then a friend bought it as well. We both installed a bunch of the same addons (various maps, vehicles, NPCs, entities, etc). When either of us creates a multiplayer game, with the only option changed from default being the “local network game” since we are in the same room/network, the addons we chose are not available…well most of them. Like the entities addons are there, but the vehicles and NPCs tabs only has the ones that came with GMOD. We tried it without the “local network game” option checked, but it still is limited in addons available for use.

Also the game shows up as [L]Sandbox in the multiplayer list, although I found that means its a listen server rather than dedicated server.

Any ideas why it does this and/or how to fix it?

I am guessing that you’re downloading outdated addons that no longer works, or installing them incorrectly. If you want you can post the links for a few of the addons and I can take a look.

Here are 2 of the addons that we have that don’t show up in multiplayer:


Both work in singleplayer mode, but not in multiplayer. We aren’t really worried about the Zombies (2nd link), just others like the Cars (1st link).

Thanks for any help

They work fine for me in multiplayer.

Anyway, the only thing that comes to my mind would be sv_scriptenforcer.
When you host, try to type in sv_scriptenforcer in the console, and it should tell you if it’s on (1) or if it’s off (0).

You rock! It was sv_scriptenforcer causing the problem. It was set to “1”. Setting it to “0” made it work properly. Thanks!