Why locked backpacks are bad

On trello says locked backpacks are done. But this is not needed at all. Thing is this will just protect ritch players. If new player/fresh spawn kills someone somehow he cant take his stuff but guy who got full kevlar and house can take with no problems. Even if lockpicks will be cheap i dont see really point of having backpack locking at all. Maybe idea of this is making game harder but its not fair to new players/fresh spawns.

You should probably start a new thread about this.

I agree dude, that’s unfair, they shouldn’t add this dump things…

Lockpicks are coming into the game? Any word on how they will work?

It’s somethings when you die, there is a password or somethings like the door I guess, and if the backpack is not yours, you need a lockpics to loot it. If I’m wrong, tell me.

I’m going to atleast try this whole locked backpack idea before I say anything about it, look at how the sleepers turned out, everybody absolutely hated the idea but didn’t realize that people couldn’t combat log anymore AND they kept their stuff until their sleeper died maybe this idea won’t be too different

This is just a duplicate thread

Trello has said that the backpacks remain locked for 5-10 minutes after the player has been killed. However this process can be avoided through the use of a lockpick item. I am very against this idea, I don’t go out of my house with the intention of killing other players but if their is someone or i am doing it in self defense my aim would be to kill him, steal his stuff to teach him a lesson and better myself and then get the hell out of there! You can easily get most of the way round the world in 10 minutes and so by the time i have finished waiting for the cool down, the player can easily have tooled up with spare armour and guns and hunted me down as it is likely that person would have been killed way out in the open. I am personally, if you hadn’t guessed, against this idea. If you could add a lock by crafting a padlock item then yes i would be for that.

I am against the locked backpacks idea as well. Currently in the game, one of the most dangerous things you can do (at least on a medium/high pop. pvp server) is stare into a loot bag. You are vulnerable from 360 degrees and (normally) have a terrible view of what’s going on around you as you look towards the ground. The sounds of footsteps are also very short range currently.

TLDR; Looting is already super dangerous and annoying. No need for locked backpacks.

I agree locked backpacks are bad and make no sense, so why not have Locked storage boxes

I Acutaly like the ideia since it will make iven harder to loot, and everything is harder is nicier, what will encourage people gathering in groups iven more

When this gonna be true, Im done with Rust. Makes no sense…

lol not even gonna TRY to test it for yourself?

good riddance.

Devs, you don’t understand, most people don’t kill the nakeds for their loot, they kill them because they can. This will only help Rich and Middle class players, not the fresh spawns.

Well, endgame players will use lockpicks anyway, they’re in basic crafting, 8 low quality metal + 5 cloth atm. It’ll force endgame groups to either invest 5 minutes of time to wait, or to use lockpick.

Fair deal for me, it’ll make harder to loot random people, it’ll be more likely to force ppl to choose loot targets wisely, instead of looting everyone, as a group of 10, in saturday morning, freezing up entire server.

But that’s just be, IMO the idea got pros and cons for both sides (newbs & endgamers).

30 min player wont get this m4 that easy by an accident, but will be a little bit protected by this (especially around his house/shelter) :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, would be nice for server ops, to be able to turn this on/off

It’s quite a nice thing actually. Of course they will have to tweak here and there but the idea and the conecpt of having locked backpacks is awesome. Give them some time and feedback and i’m quite sure they will listen and check it out just like they are doing from the very begining. If there’s one thing i like about garry and FP is how they interact and listen to the community.

For me i would like to do a real test drive before stating that the whole idea is bad or good.

I see people complaining about how its bad that they cant kill a kevlar guy and take his stuff right away but i supose the idea of people massing pvp from the very first minutes on the server is quite bad to be fair. I’m quite sure they will combine this with other stuff and i cant wait to test everything when its done and ready.

The intent of this idea was to make a cost associated with killing naked people.

But all this does is make it to where naked people can’t loot people that are stupid if they kill them with a rock.

This is almost as bad as the combo lock doors. That was supposed to fix a specific problem and ended up making it worse too.

Listen to the community? They should read this thread and feel bad…

Lockpicks? So you finally managed to axe this kevlar guy down and then you have to wait for 10 minuts?

So he can just come back and shoot you?

I really don’t see the point of this…

I don’t even want to try it, because we all know it’ll happen.

it has begun. devs are starting to listen to the dumb playerbase. this is the end

to some of you:

thats what you get for whining in the forums about getting killed naked all the time. you should have just stfu and played this game like men.

locked backpacks are a horrible thing to the game. i believe that the devs said that they want the players to play the game like they want to. they just wanted to provide tools and
we use them.

but now they are forcing us to stop doing something (killing and looting people effectively). if they implement this, this game isn’t the same they announced it to be in the future. the players
arent free to do what they want anymore. we get forced to play the game the way the devs encourage it.

the problem is, that big groups get buffed again with locked backpacks. you can’t defend against them because you can’t take and hide their weapons while they are raiding you. all
they have to do is respawn again and again and get their loot till you run out of ammo to shoot them naked.

maybe i just try to leave my computer and go for a walk in THE FOREST… :slight_smile:

I dont have to. I know what a locked backpack is, and I dont give a sh*t about the lockpick. It just destroys the whole game.