why LUA script file in watch dog data file (after unpack) have been decrypt?

After unpack .dat file data in Watch Dogs game, I see this LUA script have been encrypted. Somebody help me how to decrypt it, please. Here is my file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4FqCIh8IQ-GOFpCLUFVVDd2SEk . THANKS FOR ANY HELPS.!! :smiley:

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Are you… What? Are you seriously expecting files from another game to work in Garry’s Mod? What is it you’re even trying to accomplish?

E: Alright. I think this could actually turn out interesting. Just what is it doing ingame, and what will happen if we put it into GMod? Will anything happen? Will it shit the bed? Will we end up with some fucky hybrid that breaks it all? Only one way to find out. :L

I’m sorry. Where for I post this topic? I want to see what is encrypt in this file. How to decrypt to view as text normal?

It’s quite possible that it’s compiled, not encrypted. Means you’ll have to decompile it, and that won’t get you the original code.

Yes, it is compiled, not encrypted.

We’re still OK if it’s not JIT-compiled.

do you even know what JIT means?

LuaJIT bytecode is very hard to decompile from what I heard - original Lua bytecode is very easy to decompile, there is even premade tools for that, that’s available for everyone.

Not really. I haven’t done it, but I have a pretty good idea of how LuaJIT bytecode works and I’ve written a decompiler before, and the idea doesn’t strike me as particularly challenging. Hell, my obfuscator works by generating Lua from LuaJIT bytecode.

Hell, here’s an incomplete one: https://github.com/bobsayshilol/luajit-decomp

LuaJIT bytecode isn’t the result of JIT-ing the code in a file, result of JIT compilation is never even saved on disk in normal circumstances. Also LuaJIT bytecode isn’t actually very difficult to make a decompiler for.