Why make the "citizens" look the way they do?

I am just curious about what the thought process was in making them look like Mr. Meaty characters?

its because S&box is not only the successor to gmod, but a successor to alot of other games that were abandoned early in development, Wise guys, tub and flotel, they all had the same character models (just slightly worse modeled) and im guessing garry wanted to use them for his gmod successor


Not only do cartoonish models generally fit the game more, but the appearence and proportions makes it MUCH easier to animate and design clothes for


Nah it’s probably most likely what Vee said, they needed a placeholder model so they took the citizen from previous facepunch prototypes, and thought it would be a nice way to symbolize that S&box’s artstyle is chosen by the gamemode creator and isn’t just photorealistic humans.

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Yes, although they probably just wanted to keep the models for the game, the simplicity of the model making it easier to use and modify still applies

Honestly - kind of breath of fresh air that not everything needs to be based on half-life anymore. Glad to see some of steps away from it.