Why map?

Why do you all make maps I really don’t understand. I like mapping and am proficient at it but I don’t really see the point if you never get to play your map on a real server (unless you own one). It’s just too hard to get it on a server.

you dont just go into random servers and start shouting “HAI EVURE1 DOWNLUD MAH NU MAP!!!1!”, and then leave after posting a link. a good place to post your maps would be FPSBanana, or here. it has to be a map that looks good, as well as original.

Because it’s fun? It’s a way to express ourselves, like an artform.

Why do painters make paintings?
Why do architects design buildings?

It’s a hobby and a form of expression.

I agree. This thread is completly useless. If you don’t want to map then fair enough. Mapping is fun and it allows you to get better at mapping which allows your better maps to become the good maps that people put on their servers.

If your map is great enough, people will use it for quite a long time.

Look at maps like freespace06 and such.

Yeah, not only that it can give you a glimpse of what’s it like to be level designer. All the problems, all the steps, once you get good at mapping you’ll understand why it takes good games so long to release and all the manpower it requires to make it. It’s also great for learning how everything in HL2 is done. Gives you a new appreciation for the game.

This, I think mappers are way under appreciated.

Not with the quality of maps FP releases…

Let me rephrase that.

Good mappers that release good content are way under-appreciated.

This thread is made of ignorance and misunderstanding.

Guys, i don’t think he was bitching or anything, just asking wondering what is so appealing about it. He just worded it badly. I think.

It’s an incredibly awesome feeling crafting and pouring your imagination into something and then being able to run around in it and experience it, even if it is just in a computer screen. If you’re lucky enough to experience it with other people on a server, it’s even better.

It’s being able to craft your own little world were you have control.

I tried to explain mapping to my friends once.

they said it wasn’t art.


Ask them why not? Hammer is your paint brush, and Source your canvas.

I do it for a hobby, I really just find it fun to map
I don’t care if my map ever get on servers or if they are never released, I do it because it’s fun

Its an art form. you get to express yourself and what you think is beautiful to the world.
And if you’re decent, you get other people to enjoy it as well

Same here man, same here…

I guess some people will just never understand. :ohdear:

Hey. mappers are artists. We’re not always understood.