Why must you troll me Craptasket!

So yesterday I messaged Craptasket the other day because I was bored and I wanted to :P. And he reply’s with this: http://imgur.com/RB1fQe1.
So as any other facepuncher would, I tried to register an account to play rust. Sadly the key was invalid…: http://imgur.com/5JEKSaN.
So my question is this, why did you give me an invalid key?

Answer: Trololo :suicide:

im sure you wont fall for that Zanazu comeon

Because you’re gullible, and are one of the VERY large amount of people that just signed up to get a key, and that’s it.

Also, mods are under strict order to not give out any keys unless they have drawn something in the thread or if Garry would say its okay.

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Source: Your local friendly mod on steam.

haha troll

Keys here go go go


My question is…if the key was invalid then why did you blur it out hmm?