Why no guns / material update ?

Why is there no update to make stronger bases / doors ( only wood and metal atm ) and better guns ( M4, bolt, shotgun and pipe shotgun are the only useful weapons ) / griefing weapons ( there’s only nades and c4 currently )

Took me 4 days on the wiped server I play ( 3 since the first day it got wiped late in the day ) to get a 15 high 3x1 metal tower, every weapons in the game, full kevlar and enought ressources to build even more metal / wooden bases. I play alone too.

This game is too repetitive ! Make a 1x1, make a pipe shotgun, kill wolves/bears/players, make a 3x1, build up until you’re bored. Find a m4, go kill more players.

I would agree with most of this.
Have you tired some modded servers, making firends, running your own server?
Ya the game is limited but they are working on it so we need to wait.

I play on a friend’s server, I do not like mods ( x2 craft etc, makes the game even easier … ), we used to all play together, but as we’re a group of around 10 people everyone left our server since we had control of everything … We’re all on skype, but we play in our own bases.

The only fun aspect is the PvP, which I saw is being toned down at some point by removing military grade weapons …

One word. Alpha.

Well it would be nice if they could change craft costs a bit to make it more difficult to make the advanced guns, not too hard to do.

EDIT: Not quite sure what they could do that makes sense but thats why they have millions =p

Why would they be make small adjustments to the game when it’s not even close to done when they can complete the game and then make small adjustments?

No offense but the server/situation u are describing sounds too easy, even by your self. If you chased all the people off the server, ya its gonna be too easy, especially when you have friends scattered across the map. You should try a high population server, its gonna take more than 3 days to get to the top, I assure you that. Even mods on the harder servers dont really make it easy, it adds to the game (econ for example is pretty fun).

Give some other things a try, dont just stick to one server with the same people. Even the gun kit servers are pretty fun (try making a base on one of those, with all fresh spawns trying to kill anything that moves).

We had a steddy 40 + peeps on until the forced wipe.

I only play vanilla. Mods makes the game easier. Econ allow you to buy ressources you’d need time to gather by selling the one you don’t use.

Try not investing so much time in Rust or play on 100-200 pop servers where there is more competition for resources.

I for one only get 2-3 hours a night if I’m lucky in Rust and are on a newly wiped server(50-100pop) as of 3 days ago. I am no where near having everything built / researched and I do the same thing you do. So obviously your putting some hefty hours into the game.

I usually play 5-6 hours a day, sometimes more. Depend of how I feel.

Annoying post, but real issue. Metal doors at 200 frags are too expensive, especially with C4 changes. Metal doors should become reinforced metal doors, same cost, takes 3 C4. Metal Door should be added, takes 100-150 metal frags, 2 C4.