Why No Rar Files + Upload System Precentage

I always got a question why does garrysmod.ord only allow zip files and why not rar files ?
first rar files you can pack them whit less bytes + its easier to extract and stuff.

second the upload system is very very slow and you never know how long you need to wait or how much already is uploaded so i’m suggesting that the upload system needs completely be renewed.

The Zip files only rule is probably to insure compatibility, not everyone can extract RAR files, where as Zip files anyone can open with Windows. I also suspect there are some people on here (IE the younger crowd) who would either not have access on their PCs to, or not know how to install a program like WinRAR (I think Garry may have even said this somewhere).

As for the upload system, I suspect it’s just a lack of effort put into the coding, while a progress bar would be a nice feature, it could be something quite difficult to implement in code. Plus, it’s more aesthetic than anything.

Well same as cbale.

And if he should chose a different format he should pick something like lzma witch is opensource and got a better compression ratio then rar

mmh i like the system from fpsbanana but oke thanks for info.

IzARC is free

Zip is natively supported and a longtime file format. Rar’s and other formats are somewhat newer and thus aren’t natively supported.

And Gmod.org is just poorly scripted, a while back Garry even asked if someone wanted to remake it.