Why no Skyrim love?

On the gmod creations site, I search for skyrim, there are only a few models. There isn’t much else, no mammoths or dragons. Is it because people can’t port it? Or because skyrim is relatively new?

because it takes time my friend.

How obvious

I ported a Sweetroll, then got sick of porting

Can you please upload it sweetroll?

Sure, i just need to make a release pic :slight_smile:

You would be better off baking one, you could atleast taste it :slight_smile:

but then I took an arrow to the knee.


Dude…not cool. D:


Every khajiit and argonian is released and dragons are coming

What are you talking about OP

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Earlier today I saw one that said “I used to be bothered by skyrim jokes, but then I pulled a dick out of my ass”

I kinda secretly released one dragon until a pack comes out.

You have our blessing, start porting.

I did a whole load of household props but never released it because i didn’t think anybody would want them.

Are you kidding? You’d probably get thousands of downloads.


That’s why I began to port AVP3 files. Because it seems no one cares about AVP models now.

Upload them NOW!

I’m going to be pissed if it turns out everyone’s been hiding most wanted models because "Didn’t think anyone cared’

Sorry everyone for being late, but i have uploaded the Sweetroll to Gmod.org, grab it if you want it

Can you please release them?