Why no submersible entities?

I’ve found only adv. duplicator files and one enormous WW2 sub entity which handles awkwardly and won’t fit in the hangar.

I want to do deep sea combat on Seabase Alpha (favorite map) but there are no small subs for this. Something that can fire rockets (at the rate of one every two seconds) and maybe drop grenades as a depth charge with the alt-fire would be ideal. A “fighter sub”, I guess, something that works like the Shuttle V5 mod but with a bubble trail instead of a flame trail and slower movement.

I’ve got a friend working on a map using seabase as inspiration, with a large colony and two smaller outposts. Parts of it will be able to be damaged/flooded. Having fighter subs would be ideal, as would some kind of scuba gear for limited time breathing underwater.

So much attention has been given to space. Spacemod is as sophisticated as ever. There really should be something similar, but for the deep sea. :3

Because no one has made any yet.

I’m proficient in Maya and would be happy to supply a textured mesh, if someone would adapt the shuttle entity to suit underwater use.

well considering subs in gmod leak like a sieve. its not possible because the source hasn’t allowed it yet, its easier to go into space than to go underwater.

Space has negative pressure (0 atmosphere) where under water can have tons of pressure on you depending on depth. so the physics would have to be rewritten to allow for that, thus most addons, maps, and gamemodes would have to be rewritten to adapt, its just not worth it really since so many addons, gamemodes, and maps are out there.
The idea is cool but its a pipe dream unless the core gets it implemented.

Have you seen this map before?

I don’t understand why you think they would “leak”. That would not be an issue for an entity based sub, only a prop-based sub. An entity based sub would behave like the Shuttle V5 but with slower movement, a different particle trail (bubbles) and a mesh that made it look like a submersible. Some lua to prevent the player from needing to breathe while driving a submersible would complete the illusion. The fact that it doesn’t actually keep water out wouldn’t matter from the perspective of the player driving it.

Uh, no? There’s no rule that says you’d have to simulate pressure effects. And if you wanted to, it’d be as easy as a series of increasingly powerful trigger_hurt brushes, layers stacked in order of power near the top of the map, so as to simulate the effects of surfacing without decompression. You could also concievably place mild trigger hurts in very deep chasms, so that it would be possible to hide there but only for short periods. Again, only an issue for maps built around minisub combat.

Yes, I have that map and seabase alpha. It’s a big part of why I want minisubs.

If you can supply the model, compiled and textured for source, I’ll do it.