Why no vac on gmod

Why this game doesn’t have VAC
every time i play i see cheaters every where with their stupid free cheat
bring vac to gmod ban these ppl ty

It does have VAC, but it doesn’t stop Lua cheats nor most engine cheats.

u mean the old crappy outdated vac of gmod that can only caught cheat engine?



is it even updated lmao

Vac in gmod is a bit different from other source games. Pretty sure it’s purpose way back was to eliminate sethack, but I can’t remember

iirc literally all gmod VAC checks for is more or less sethhack and bacon hack(? I don’t remember if this was the exact name or if it was actually banned, I just distinctly remember the words bacon and VAC being related in terms of gmod). If it didn’t, it’d shit itself on a number of things.

The main reason why VAC in GMod mostly doesn’t do anything is because GMod lets you make binary modules that provide extra functions to Lua. If VAC was fully enabled, it would be way too easy to screw yourself over and get VAC banned when developing a module.

How about game banning people who use their shitty cheats to ruin people’s fun

There isn’t really a reliable way to detect cheats. People could load a script to help with a disability like colour blindness and anti-cheats would detect it, despite it not giving the client any advantages. Unless they were manual bans for well-known cheaters this would be a terrible idea.


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VAC only detects two modules iirc. gmcl_deco and some other module, probably also related to baconbot. Sethhack wasn’t caught out using VAC but instead with GAC (where if a font was created with “sethhack” in the name or something - which is what sethhack did - then the user would get banned).

Well if VAC was enabled in gmod I’m pretty sure every single coder would be banned by now.

Although some might deserve it.

VAC doesn’t detect Lua. If you’re not making cheats you don’t have to worry.

It’s a sandbox game, what is or isn’t considered a cheat is no ones business but the individual server owner. VAC would be horrible.

You don’t understand how VAC works. Yes it’s a sandbox game, but it’s a sandbox game with an embedded scripting language allowing for third party content, addons, and gamemodes. Due to this, it’s incredibly difficult for an anti-cheat to distinguish between Lua code that functions as a cheat and Lua code that functions as something else.

VAC works via a blacklist of known cheats as well as detecting changes to game memory. Garry’s Mod uses VAC to block stuff like baconbot and sethhack and so on. Clientside Lua aimbots/esp/etc won’t be detected by VAC. This is why server owners resort to third party anti-cheats.


or just rate me dumb and dont respond, proves my point even better :v:

GAC was made for sethhack primarily.

wat about shitboxes

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Don’t forget BaconBot mass ban waves.

VAC did its job during the worst times of BaconBot and SH.