Why noclip doesn't exist in real life.

I hope this original :I



well it made me laugh, but then I thought “wait, he could just noclip back out”

sv_noclip 0

It’s hard to imagine the feeling of that. I don’t know if you’d be comfortably stuck, or your legs severed in half.

I disagree


I think it would be physically impossible to move the matter where your legs were when you turned off noclip, but then again, what do I know?


Hold on I thought of another pose.

This has to be one of the more original poses I’ve ever seen to date. Great job on the posing, it looks a lot like the player animations!

I feel like I got a lil’ lazy on this one, but here:


Resized from unused space.

And no it didn’t take 30 minutes just for this pose, I got bored and started to throw ragdolls around in slowmo. :3:

These are simple, but they’re really well made. Nice posing and faceposing.

When I read the title I was thinking this involved locker rooms, LOL.

I think your bones would be crushed the hell in, because of the shit in concrete wouldnt just be expanded

That is fucking awesome.