Why not block all traffic from France?

Guys, I am so fucking tired of waking up every morning to find that I have been killed after the last DDoS attack.
This gets me tired as hell as I am unable to do ANYTHING. And as once some brilliant guy said:
“Desperate times call for desperate measures”
I’ve added a poll so you could pick some option.

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Can i make a poll to block people who don’t know anything about network protocols and security from making polls on this subjet ?

When games start affecting your mood, you should really think about quitting. Just saying.


you really need to stop

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and what kind of immature idiot puts those questions in a poll anyways?

and you’re seriously insane and racist if you think blocking france “Just makes it go away”

it’s called a VPN lmao

I dont think even Garry can confirm that the french are doing it. Based on this little blog post. If they can find even a sub net or something that could possibly stop it.

Then you have to look at the software Garry is using, shit, most company’s that make this type of software would have had a fix for it by now at least something half way decent.

You don’t understand what you are talking about.

a whole nation should not be punished for the action of 4 or 5 people.

hmm, according to my fancy statistics, all traffic from these countries should be blocked entirely due to malicious traffic

makes sense, right? right guys???

Ban the internet

I’m French and i love Rust and want to play too just like you, even if the hacker is french or whatever an action of only one poor guy don’t deserve to block all a country it’s completely dumb and crazy from you !

If u ban french people for this, ban all of us from all games cause hackers come from everywhere

Sorry for my bad English but a Poll about it is just idiot !