why not fix furnace bug???

its about 1month
why not fix???
why ??


well, still can use all slots… but yeah fix this please

I think its a unity issue

Agreed, I would like to see this fixed it really fucks with my OCD.


No, there’s no possible way that it’s a Unity issue. The position of the furnace inventory is procedurally generated to be able to handle a range of sizes rather than specific sizes.

A dev fucked up a positioning function. This is UI level.

You’ll notice that it is EXACTLY three inventory squares to the left. And remains at that position through all of the size ranges I’ve tried, which I admit are not extensive. Not all of them are broken, the inventory screens, only some.

If there are certain default sizes that it does work on then those should be noted for the developers. Also you should bash them in the head for doing it way wrong. Yeah you have to rezise the pixel gap but the % gap is always the same. Even it wraps on low enough resolutions and inventory slot size jumps back up?

Seriously, DRY.

It is a unity bug though. It’s mentioned in devblog 93.

Lol stop acting like you know everything and do some research before you go roasting the devs. It IS a unity bug, NOT a developer fuck up. with the update to unity 5.1.3 it introduced a user interface bug. It was clearly stated in devblog 93. If there was anything the devs could do about it, it would have been fixed last Thursday. And it’s only been 2weeks today not a month…

For those that cant read, or wont read the devblogs, thios is a unity bug, wait for it to be fixed by unity. If you cant, what a pitty.

Did they ever fix the other chest/furnace bug, where depending on view angle you may get 3 or 5 rows of items?