Why not just make a Garry's Mod for L4D?

I had the idea and I was wondering if anybody else agrees.its impossible to port gmod to the l4d engine, cause we would then have to port all the models to the l4d engine which would take forever to accomplish.so why not just mod l4d? it would be easier to do that…

What? Is this a question?


I also question your writing.

I think what it’s asking is, rather than port GMod over to L4D Source, just make a new GMod for it.

Bad questions create depression for C.

No thank you. Many players will have to upgrade their PCs, addons may not work, and the left 4 dead engine isn’t great for gmod.

eh I thought it was a good idea anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

why not just get the models pack? gmod is good enough for now. just wait til the very limits of lua are reached before upgrading

I concur

If you concur then why the hell did you make this thread?
If you seriously find it a good idea to just use the models, then what was the point in theorising this?

Aren’t they the same engine, just different versions?

Yeah, L4D just uses a different packaging system than good ol’ GCF.

Because thats pointless, because garrys mod is for the valve engine, and letting L4D be a separate gmod, it just wont happen !?

And with the wire team, that won’t be long.

Are you joking? Garry’s Mod is for the Orange Box engine, not the ‘Valve Engine’. Left 4 Dead is running on a separate strand of the engine, at version 37, and has been in production since before HL2’s release, so of course there will be compatibility problems, but porting the models isn’t that hard and as you’ve seen many people already have.

Arrogance will not fulfil the full extent of Lua. And that’s what they do best.

Actually Left 4 dead runs on the Valve engine version 37, and Orange box runs on something like valve engine 22

it wud be mint but borin n u wud probably ave 2 upgrade ur computer

Source engine