Why not make something like a gm_libertycity or rp map like it?

I’ve been looking and I want to see a Liberty City Gmod map. Grand Theft Auto is fun, but I want to take to a whole new game! Let me know if it can be done! If not, then I guess Liberty City will have to wait…

Map size issues and engine limits. gm_bigcity fills the maximum grid, and has very few interiors. Even then its still somewhat of a resource hog.

It’s obvious that you have no mapping experience. Go try making your own.

Oh gosh it’s me all over again.

Yeah… Do it son!


Fuck yeah! do it.

With a fuckload of work you could do it, but not with quality.

i dont think it can be done…

Yes it could be done, brush and entity limits are likely to be the problem. Majority of people always seem to forget the use of Z space with teleporters.

An rp map that’s not like rp_downtown would be kinda cool to see. I would love to see one that has very good optimization and many interiors.

Some other ideas would be smaller streets and less open space, in order to feel like real rp.

Agree’d so much! I would love another map to replace rp_downtown! :v:

Nothing will ever replace RP_Downtown and Dark Rp. They are so attractive to the 12 year old crowd.

Downtown is a shitty map anyways, I don’t understand why they like it so much.

Indeed, I hated it. The only thing I enjoyed about the map was the sewage areas.