Why not to join Wooty's 24/7 SERIOUS Roleplay

Okay so basically, I ended up joining this server (DARKRP) I dont know why I joined it but anyway.
As usual I encountered the usual Mingebags, one being the Mingebag Leader I’m assuming was named Pancakes.
He then messaged someone in OOC

(OOC) Pancakes: Haber youre not even selling guns, gimme your job and ill stop

By meaning “I’ll stop” he was meaning I’ll stop random death matching you.

I warn you not to join this server as it’s the worst rp experience you will ever get.

First of all, its DarkRP so the server must be shitty ass. Secondly just because a minge is a cocksucker, does not make the server shitty.

Secondly, the server can’t get shittyer because its DarkRP and that is the shit equivalent of a gaylord.

Yeah, but the server does have problems with having 0 admins on but still don’t join when player Pancakes is on…

The script doesn’t make a server serious - the players do.

Listen to this man, he is the messiah or something.