Why NOT to use GameServers.com!

As a new customer, my first impressions of GameServers.com is not great!

During the signup, it asked me to pick the server closest to me. It said I could use “Milan, Italy”, “Paris, France”, “Frankfurt, Germany”, “London, UK”, etc. It suggested “Milan, Italy” as the closest one to my location. So I said “Okay”, and selected “Milan, Italy”.

On the VERY NEXT PAGE it says “Italy Service Disruption: We are aware of the disruption affecting some of our services in Italy. We are in communication with our transit provider in that location and will update here once we have more information.”

I think, “Oh great, they suggest I pick Italy, THEN they tell me about the Italy Service Disruption, great!”

I go to start my server, but it is offline and not responding. I am then told that normally you can “migrate” your server to another country, but because Italy is not responding, customers who’s servers are located in “Italy” cannot move them, because they have to be online to be able to migrate them.

I’m also told that “most server crashes are generally solved within 30 minutes”. That was nearly 4 hours ago…

So basically, they have signed me up for a service which doesn’t work, then told me it was my own fault for choosing the service they recommended!

Not impressed… but then I guess that’s what you get for $9 per month. Any serious Game Servers are charging $50 - $100 per month for a “reliable” service.

They warned you of the disruption. You chose it anyways. Thats your fault.

On another note. I can vouch that their support is non existent.

to be fair, he said the disruption notice was AFTER the suggestion and signup.

I am their customer for a long time now and they are good.Had one problem in the past with bad server setup so they migrate my server on new machine and everything was ok.

dont you read too well

very frustrating

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Okay, in the interest of “full disclosure” I will tell you how this ended:

After 6 hours their customer support still hadn’t responded to my ticket, but the Italian server came back online, so I was able to self-migrate my site to Frankfurt, Germany. Then, about an hour after that, (7 hours into my support ticket), I got a response from them saying:

“I apologize for the difficulty experienced. Your server is now up and running in the Frankfurt datacenter. If you are experiencing any difficulties at this location, please reply back on this ticket.”

Long and short of it, it’s not bad for $9 per month, but you get what you pay for! If you want a reliable service with customer support, you are not going to find it for $9 per month!

Thanks for sticking up for me mrknifey against the aptly named “Fuckie”, and I’m sorry you caught a ban Sneak2 for feeling my frustration!

Actually after your post, i went through and tried to purchase from frankfurt, and it gave me the option to cancel the process, and warned me before a purchase was made, but mkay. But yes, you get what you pay for, and like i said before they don’t have a support staff lol.