Why people like high modded servers?

Why people like high modded servers? Like 20x gather, bunch of kits, aidrops every minute. WHY!?

Because they want to play deathmatch instead of Rust.

Less of a grind to get a base up and going and you get guns faster. Basically your able to do more between wipes especially if you can’t play often.


I like modded server with higher gather. Could do without the other stuff though.

There’s also stuff like increased info, clans, npc’s, sign artist and so on and on, all which give the game a little extra… not necessary just more resources as you make it out to be the only point of modded servers.

Less grind = more fun to play.

Less chopping. Less pickaxing. Less running endlessly.

At this point, vanilla Rust is completely unattractive to me as a solo player. I don’t want to spend hours gathering.

I don’t play on servers with high loot or extra air drops though.

It’s faster to build, yes. But it’s also faster to get raided.

Faster resources = more C4 crafting

So eventually it’s more or less similar to vanilla Rust. On vanilla you have more time to enjoy living in your base.

That’s not what it is like on all modded servers :wink:
On my server you get a gather rate of 10x but C4 and Rockets are nerfed by 50%.´
Makes building faster and doesn’t make raiding too easy.

Usually, I play on servers that have a speed between x3 and x6. Not too fast, but still fast enough to be geared up in a couple hours.
As long as there are wipes every couple weeks, there is no point in taking days/weeks to build a base that is going to disappear anwyays on vanilla servers. I’ll go back on them when there’s a wipe every two months. Not before that :slight_smile:
Plus: People who only have a couple hours a week can enjoy the same feeling of “power” as well :slight_smile:

With the recent nerf to doors I won’t play on any server, especially modded. Prior to the nerf I played modded because as a solo player with only 3 days of the week to play I wanted to get a base up, and gear building before my weekend was over. I only actually consider vanilla servers if I have a group of 5+.

If you knew how to build you can make a base to withstand a lot of C4 so it didn’t bother me much. With the weak doors though there’s no point. Anyone can walk right on in with minimal effort.

I mostly play on 10x gather or higher. I just find it a lot more fun not having to sit near a tree for an hour just so I can make a shitty twig house. That and /home is really nice.

Why does anyone like anything? Why do people like hamburgers? Baseball? Working out?

Super simple stuff.

It’s funny how most people that slam modded servers tend to forget that they have as many (sometimes more) players than community / official.

Numbers don’t lie.

I am surprised no one has mentioned the TP plugin.
As a solo player this is a valuable tool. It not only allows you to set a “home” area (sometimes multiple pending the server) but allows you to jump to opposite areas of the map. This allows you to have multiple small bases which makes it harder for raiders to get ALL of your stuff due to your inventory being spread across said map.

I do like aouniat’s comment however. Just because it’s modded and you receive loot faster doesn’t mean that it is easier. Matter of fact, imho I think it is actually tougher.
You may get more loot,but you can lose it twice as fast as a vanilla server.

Dunno about the others, i just love it hard and grindy.

Modded isn’t easier, it’s faster.

Sorry but any server that uses the TP mod IS easier. Half the risk in rust is returning to base with a full inventory. I understand resource multipliers though, I just wish there were minimalistic modded servers that were really popular.

It does not make it easier. It makes it more convenient. There is a difference.
The teleport system cannot be used to manipulate actual “gameplay” per se due to the fact that when anything is affecting your body whether in temperature or in damage you are unable to use it.
So, your in a gunfight and losing? Oh well, heal ,gtfo or die. TP can’t be used.
Your in the northern biome and caught in cold and losing health fast with no protection. Can’t use tp.
As well, most servers (albeit some do not) have timers of a min. default 10 minutes before attempting to TP again. So, one cannot spam porting back and forth.
It is a transportation/warp tool.

modded server is rust on easy mode. easy to get tons of ressources, easy to build a gigantic armored base, easy to get c4 and raid.

Vanilla is too boring. Stacks only to 1000 wood n stone…puke…