Why removing Zombies is the wrong path!

More sandbox options for servers!!

Leave zombies in, just make them only spawn around graveyards. Create other NPC’s that also spawn around certain ares. Make a creature list configure file so server can turn individual NPC on or off.

We could have things like Bandits, Skeletons, Dinosaurs, Rhinos, Hippos, Snakes, Emus, Pterodactyls.

List what you would like to see fuck your world in this game :wink:

Zombies are overused and a lot less needed in a game that revolves around the theme of a post apocalyptic environment.

The map is huge and unless they are not going to expand anymore than having these spawns in special locations will create nice hotspots.

I am talking about removing them from the random spawn locations and putting them in hot spot areas.

More hostile mobs n shit.

have you seen the concept art for the chicken and elk? they have much cooler ideas than stupid overused zombies. this game is going to be awesome but it has to do it on its own and not just as an alternative to dayz but with building options. think NEW think different.

the only thing even close to zombies Id like to see is maybe some sort of creature that emerges from actual dead player bodies. like some mutant spawn that uses the ribcage and skull as its home hermit crab style but crawls along with many legs. and it still might carry chest gear/backpacks as a way to facilitate human loot type drops. this method also fosters the desired “emergent gameplay” by making very dangerous areas wherever players die often and create spawning grounds.

zombies and graveyards

this is like, high fantasy cartoon shit

I posted here just for this.

I would play the fuck out of a game with killer emus.

screw emus

an army of these badasses

The map is not huge actually, Its only 2km by 2km. Pretty small in terms of sandbox worlds. Just looks big but really isnt.

This isn’t a reason why

zombies are overused, and many games that try to implement them do so horribly. If Rust can achieve an engaging and immersive survival world without zombies, than Rust will stand out from the crowd, while giving people who are sick of the constant zombie theme a much needed break.

I for one love zombies, but I’d much rather not have them at all, than have the same old thing, or terribly imbalanced zombies born of attempt at innovation.

+1 for post apocalyptic Jurassic park

Disgusting, and absolutely horrifying!

…I love it! This please!

Can we also have ponies?

So, I think that it would be best to just remove zombie spawns by default, and allow server owners to enable zombies on their server if they want to. That would be a win-win situation, in my opinion.

I can already smell the shitstorm of the mentioning of ponies. Before such a thing happens, I would totally support mutant horses that can trample you to death, even on the grounds that it hasn’t been done before.

No thanks . …

The more mutant stuff we have in the game…the better…might as well fill the air with sounds of moaning monsters and screaming banshees… Make things more dangerous. I wouldn’t mind more of an image that is similar to Metro. As a matter of fact, I loved reading Metro 2033 and playing the games.

Nice one. All we need is Flintstones survival game.

Where do you see random spawn locations? Spawn locations are static…man =)