why rust is something special..

I was on my friends server sorting my loots in my epic base. My brother spawned in and was heading towards a supply drop. Some noob shot him in the back. That’s what he gets for not watching his six, but none the less he wanted vengeance. I hatched a plan that was sweeter than a shootout. I befriended this player ( even though he was trying to bait me). He asked the admin if he could teleport him to my location. The admin said he would only do it if I agreed to it. So I did. I understand that this player thought he was going to get another batch of free loots from a bunny but he ended up in my special made prison cell. I had a storage box with some food and kept him there for about two game days as reparations for murdering my broski. My brother got an apology and I gave the guy some supplies and let him out on good behavior.

Which is exactly why I started a server. Tired of admins that easily give in to players. As an admin I play 100% legit farming every piece of gear/wood I own and if someone takes it all, so be it. If someone asks me to teleport them I clearly say no as that is not the legit game and as your post describes it is a sad easy way to punish a player for taking all your stuff without putting any real effort in yourself.

Either play 100% legit or make the game stale and boring for yourself within hours.

Just a heads up. Don’t do this again or Rust will be less than special for you.

What about the console command “suicide”?

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1st off, you should know this …admin. If you pay for a server you can do whatever the hell you want. If you don’t like it, find another server. Or get your own like you did. Either way the guy enjoyed it, it was a new experience for him. He played along and didn’t choose to suicide. The admin runs events in the arena so to players to it common place to be to if they want to participate. You kinda jumped the gun there. As a server owner you understand that its your choice to make the server how you see fit. If you don’t like it, find another. I wanted to share an interesting experience, and you my friend derailed it already.