Why Scout's Can't Take Drink Breaks

Sorry about the quality. I changed the format to PNG in gimp, but it saved as JPEG for some reason.




Constructive Criticism Please.

Obvious clipping of dogtag. Nice :slight_smile:

Lol, yea. Do you know if there’s some sort of fix for that? I tried grabbing it but it just latched on to his upper torso, and not his tags.

Yellow isn’t a good colour for cig glow.

The right arm doesn’t look normal, and the clipping with the dogtags. But spy is nice.

It was orange, I honestly don’t know why it turned yellow like that.

On the dog tags maybe you could photoshop it in so it don’t look like its clipping. but good job man!

I really like this well done :slight_smile:


sorry about reposting the whole image haha

Here you go I got a lil bored and decided to help you out with clipping dogtags :slight_smile:

All it takes is a lil photoshop :slight_smile: (5 min of work)

edit sorry about the photobucket compression it’s the only Image site I have an account to at the moment