why should AI enemy exist any good reason?

Can anyone give me a good reason why AI enemy should exist any way or form in rust?

Why would that make the game funnier?

EDIT: Animals not included in this post!

Because seeing bambis running away from 2 wolfs and 3 bears is funny.

if the only thing i want is people shooting me

i would go play Battlefield or cod or anything else

i want to feel the danger in a survival game when i go outside and not in the form of bullets from players played enought of that

come ooon think about it you go out and Raptors/mutants/or other stuff starts chasing you at night feels cool

Because this isn’t Cowa Dooty, it’s survival. There should be threats that you can take on, not threats that are always weilding guns and have armor (Players)

So running from a “manbearpig” does the game more fun?

This game can’t be compared with cod or battlefield in any way how you look at it!

Because players need something to band TOGETHER against, even if only temporarily. Now I know Rust is about fucking over other people and survival of the fittest etc, but mixing it up occasionally will keep it fresh.

Survival of the fittest? Here’s a giant fucking mutant. Definitely more fit than you. You have to group up to kill it, or it will rampage through your shanty town. It would mix it up a bit.

Even EVE, the biggest game for fucking each other over, has a ton of ways for players to band together against a larger NPC force.


but i prefer the BearSharkOctopus

because its a nice way to make players get blueprints and what not

It’s not about what is more fun it’s about what makes it more like a survival game. You are not going to survive by killing players and looting bodies, you are going to survive by killing animals and eating their meat.

How about making the wolf and bear that is already in the game more violent and with a better AI, wolves can pack up in a large group and hunt you down over a long distance. Bears can crush thru wooden doors and kill you almost instantly and can stand a bigger damage. Just make the world more violent.

Thats survival!

The survival aspect wil kick in when thirst cold, illness and stuff like that introduces in the game.

So my question is why is. When a game that is not a hardcore shooter like COD and Battlefield is there always fable animals, mutant, zobies and other fairy dust coverd animals in the game?

And the loot can be given in other ways than killing animals, how about a longer range of technology so you have to grind your way to the top of the server, that way there is a bigger chance that it is closer gap between factions on the game.