Why shouldn't i use carve tool?

I’ve seen that everybody is saying that you shouldn’t use the carve tool, but why?
I’m using it all the time… for example when i’m going to make a room underground, how should i do that without using carve?

use clip instead


The one on the left is done with carve. The one on the right is done properly.

valve should concider taking carve out.


Vertex and Clip it. It’s the right way.

Carve still has applications in displacement cutting, and there are a very few right-ish ways of using it, like if you want to make an irregular hole through a wall, clip a square or rectangle then use an irregular brush to carve a hole.

Still would be much better to do it manually though, but people are often over-concentrated in making sure every point ends up on the grid and every angle is a solid integer. Hammer is a tiny bit cleverer than that.

Still, if you don’t understand how carve is used for displacements, you probably shouldn’t be using carve. Or displacements.

Carve has NO applications.

it does if you want to tell a noob mapping troll what to do :smiley:

carve into a sphere

If you don’t understand what the fuck you’re talking about you probably shouldn’t be talking. Or breathing.

Cause it looks gay and unorganized and puts holes in your map.

Offcourse dude use carve as much as you want. I am ok with that but then don’t fucking release your fully laggy carved map :stuck_out_tongue: Play yourself on it :stuck_out_tongue: People want High-Performance, Nice quality, Nice geometric map. Not Low geometric. Maybe nice quality. And Laggy.

P.S - Don’t use it unless you are making map only for yourself and don’t give a shit how laggy it will be.

I use carve for doors…

Never, EVER use carve.

Lol, I just counted the number of brushes in the holes. Gotta say, carve won in terms of making less brushes. :tinfoil:

8 carve - 12 clip.

Mind has been blown. :psyboom:

Note: this does NOT IN ANY WAY excuse using the carve “tool”.

That is discounting the microbrushes and the unoptimization that is caused by the uneven brushes

Clip could produce eight brushes as well if the four outside brushes were removed and the eight inside brushes were vertex manipulated back out.

Indeed they could, I didn’t see that before.

Moral of the story; clip > carve.

It could be much more useful if the implementation was fixed up, simply stopping it from generating micro-brushes would be a start.

But then again, if it worked well, you’d have to do this by hand.


2TheDecryptor: Jesus Christ! Now make it in func_physbox! If not enough, ungroup and make EVERY part in physbox. xD

Can you count the amount of brushes for me? :wink: