Why shouldn't i use carve tool?

Think of it this way, do you feel like buying a new computer?

I hear Carve can produce massive lag which would utterly beat the shit out of your computer.

Which makes no sense. The only way carve would create lag is if, if, it fucks up and creates a leak or something. Or if you carve a sphere into a cube or something similaraly retarded. Just using it for normal stuff is plentily good, as i believe vbsp is smart enough to clean up any mess there might be.

Wasn’t there a thread where some guy showed a video of somebody carving their terrain, and everybody said it would produce lag?

Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon against carve. Granted, it is a bad habit to use it, but there’s nothing wrong with using it for the occasional window you forgot to put in, instead of going back to rebuild the whole wall. While it can fuck up optimization, you can use it once or twice if you’re only carving a square, no odd shapes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll brace for incoming boxes, disagrees and insults.

I carve cylinders.
Into boxes.
With no problem.

I don’t see how carve can make a map laggy. I mean, I can see why it can make compile time longer, but I do not see how it can completely fuck up a map’s optimization and make it so laggy that it is utterly unplayable.

It’s not the fact that it “completely fuck’s up the maps optimization” it’s just that it’s a cleaner and more proper way to do it. There are hardly any negatives to clipping where there are many to carving.

I use carve to get the rough shape of my openings down, then I go back and either reproduce it with the clip and vertex tool or I move some vertexes around to make it more organized. Case in point the circular portal doors. I let the carve tool do the hard work then I go back and make blocks that duplicate the same curves of the carved shape, then I get rid of the carved shape. Its a good tool for simple jobs but give too much and it might cause a problem. But I can’t see how.

Just don’t. It’ll save you in the long run. Microbrushes, microleaks, bad optimization, it all presents itself. It’s just better not to use it.

Most noobish question ever D:
witch tool is the carve tool?

Select a brush. Right click on it in the 2D view. Select ‘Carve’.
But don’t bother learning it as many people have already said, it’s bad

It’s funny because I didn’t even know how to use the Carve tool, until I learnt how bad it was.

Carve is not a shortcut, and if it is, don’t use it anyway. Quality at all times, clip.

8 of the brushes on the “properly” done one won’t work since they’re not one unit in size or more.

What? You don’t even know what grid size he’s on, and each point is on the grid…

Even assuming that is on the smallest grid scale, some simple maths and assumptions should prove you wrong.

Area of a triangle = 1/2 x base x height

So, counting from the picture (all the triangles are the same) area = 1/2 x 4 x1 = 2 units

Assuming the minimum grid is being used for depth (i.e. 1 unit) this gives each triangle a volume of 2 units squared. In other words, more than 1 unit squared and thus not a microbrush. Please read up on this before you go speaking more untruths.

It all has to be converted to triangles anyways.

It gets quite complicated but with the help of a friend I have found it isnt actually as optimized as clip. Taking into consideration everything must be converted to triangles were all inside verticies touch another triangles verticie (Which it does).

This occurs.

I know which I would rather have.

Looks like hes on grid size 8 cap’n!