Why sliders instead of textboxes for tools???????

Why in gmod 13 is there sliders instead of textboxes for the tool attributes??? Like for thrusters to select thruster force its now a slider from 1-10000 instead of a textbox…
Is there a way around this? I NEED MORE THAN 10,000!!!
Also why is it like this in the first place? It seems like a more restrictive way to do it

I believe you can add more stuff through console, but I’ve really never thought about it. Huh.

Someone will let you know. We’ve got our top men on the case.

The text on the right is a textbox. Just click on it and type into it.

Do people actually try anything themselves before asking these questions?

Haha I was annoyed about this at first too! I thought it was crap because you couldn’t really get exact values very easily. Then I accidentally clicked the text, and felt rather stupid…

It is a rather silly way of doing things, there is no visual cue to suggest to click the text, and there is no tutorial to tell you how to do it either.
There should at least be a faint box around the number to suggest that it is an input area.

hahaha wow now I do feel kinda stupid but thanks everyone!

In case you haven’t noticed I also realised last night that if you click and drag to the left of the slider there’s a sort of more accurate slider box thing that pops up. Not entirely sure what the benefit of this is though to be honest.

but garry, people seemed to enjoy sliders and others like your current system… wouldn’t it be better if we had the choice of either using sliders or text boxes?