Why Sniper Scopes shouldn't be added into Rust

I don’t think a scope with zoom should be added because people build towers next to rad-towns, monuments, spawns, or wherever and just snipe down on people even without a scope. if a scope with zoom was added it would be even worse than it is now. The towers would be taller and there would be more people doing it. I don’t know how much time the developers spend actually playing their game, doing things like building, farming, fighting, and just surviving but if they do then they might know just how often people set up in their tower with a bolt and sit down all day to shoot at everyone who happens to be in their line of sight. People can and do play however they want but adding in a sniper scope will further enable and even encourage people to camp towers and houses that they build and shoot down on anything that moves. If anyone has any points against my argument then comment, I could be wrong about sniper scopes being a bad addition to rust.

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I have over 800 hours split pretty evenly between Rust Legacy and Rust from February 2014 to the present.

I love building a tower near a rad town and shooting people that wonder in.

I don’t mind it, besides, you wanna know how to stop camping? Bring friends with you. Want to stop a sniper? Flank the bastard and kill him when he isn’t paying attention. There isn’t a lot you can do about camping except hit harder than them. Most people that camp with snipers (bolt action rifles) are solo players, and 9/10 can’t handle themselves in a tense firefight up close. If they are in their house with their weapon, well, it’s a quick way to advertise “Raid Me, I have enough resources to make firearms!”.

If we can make guns, explosives, fortresses, farms, quarries, pump jacks, and countless other items, a scope doesnt seem too illogical. From a gameplay perspective, I don’t see much of a problem with it. It may give player a bit more zoom, but that’s it. Its for ranged combat, but when you close the distance to the person with the scope, it becomes harder for them and easier for you. Seems like a good balance in my opinion.

When they feel like the fight is too close range for a scope they can take it off literally with a few clicks, which doesn’t put the sniper at a disadvantage

But the only weapon that will really have use for the long range scope is the bolt action, which is still ineffective in close combat. Besides, whats stopping you from putting on your own scope to counter-snipe? It can be used both ways.

No one in their right mind would even open their inventory for two seconds in the middle of a firefight, if the sniper feels he is too close, he can simply retreat and relocate. And you can bet $10 he won’t stick around to fight 2-3 guys by himself unless they lack equal if not better equipment, I’d run from a guy with a crossbow if it meant risking my life in close range. Hunter also makes a good point.

Remember Im talking about the scenario where the sniper is in his tower or base when you shoot at him he can just crouch and move to a different window. When the sniper has a scope and is on the ground then a scope makes sense he is very vulnerable to close range attacks, but when the Sniper is in the safety of his building and can spawn back if he is killed he can spawn back and recollect his gear putting him at no risk of losing his sniper scope.

IMO there should be 2 types of scope. a holo sight with about 1.5-2x and a long range sight with about 6-8x zoom. they should be able to be applied to any ranged weapon (including bow and crossbow) and be a fixed zoom replacing iron sights.

there’s nothing wrong with having a scope provided the bullet mechanics allow for drift, drop etc (like they currently do) so people don’t just sit in their towers all day hitscan sniping.

You can already do this exact scenario without a scope. Its not like once they get a scope, the bullets become laser beams. Some amount of marksmanship is required to actually hit your target.

Look, I admit right now I’ve yet to read all the posts in this thread, but let me throw my two cents out there.

A long-range sniper rifle would be a HUGE benefit to people going solo. Yes, obviously groups would also get this benefit, but here’s why solo players could take advantage of it.

First off, being solo means you can easily move around at will, sneak, etc, far easier than a group could. You could pick someone off from a group, hide, and they wouldn’t be able to find you. Coming back from some resource gathering and see people are trying to break into your base? Pick them off from a safe distance.

Furthermore, it would give solo players a fighting chance against large groups. If you could pick off a few of their members before they got in range of your base, you’d be a bit better off trying to fend them all off. Obviously groups could utilize this too, but it would end up being their long-range snipers versus the other long-range snipers trying to raid them.

The only thing I see as a requirement in terms of balance would to be the rarity of said sniper scope extra rare or extremely expensive. Make it so one solo guy can comfortably defend himself with his shiny-new long-range sniper scope, while large groups need to assign certain snipers and take care not to lose them during raids. Make it valuable enough where even big groups would only keep a few of them.

I’ve honestly been hoping for the “bean can” scope for quite a while. Two types of scopes wouldn’t be a bad idea. You could have the first “home-made” tier variant not have the ability to zoom (at least no more than the holo-sight), but could have a little cross hair and mil dots drawn onto the glass. Military grade scopes would have the ability to zoom in by a small amount (1.5 maybe?), but of course are very expensive/rare. I love hiding on the mountains and in bushes, watching people go by and targeting lone wolves that have a little bit of gear, or watching a raid go down and pick off an attacker or two while the home owner clears the remainder of them out. Having a scope of some kind would make my stealth runs interesting, to say the least.

Yes Yes Yes and more Yes. We need this. I’m a terrible shot and zooms are good for me.

The last thing we need is more shit players/nakeds having the ability to get lucky and wipe out a geared guy. Sniper scopes wilm turn the map into a ghost town clans will set up at rad towns and solo players will never be able to get bp’s its hard enough as it is just now for the solo player.

it puts the sniper at a disadvantage of “a few clicks” which IMO can be a LOT

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There’s some odd comments here.

  • A “Sniper” does need to remove anything from his weapon, nor is he disadvantaged at closer ranges, if he also has an AK.

  • Any advantage a scope gives as sniper, is equally available to counter-snipers.

  • If you’re having problems getting past a sniper tower, try going at night.

If they add scopes, maybe they will add smoke grenades too, for cover.

I’m look forward to that semi-auto rifle from this weeks blog, but with a medium range scope, like Battlefield’s DMRs + 4x Scope. They should also add that annoying high-pitched bullet zing, so I can pretend to be trolling people when I miss (which I do, most of the time).

What if on April Fools day, Garry updated the game to add the auto snipers from CS:GO…
Jesus that would be terrible…

Meh, we still have six months to enjoy the game :3