Why so many RP servers?

Why do people still continue to make these servers? There are so many that i think the actual owners just host them for money and attention.

It’s so repetitive, other newly-made and quality gamemodes that can be related to Gmod’s main idea is almost always ignored because of the “roleplaying” playerbase.

I can sum up DarkRP and serious roleplay :
DarkRP = Sandbox with a fuckton of addons, annoying rules and cashgrabbing.
SeriousRP = A hellish DarkRP with elitists who look at you like you’re just another pile of garbage and little kids trying to look cool by “roleplaying”

Tell me what you think about this matter.

You answered your own thread.

I think it’s pretty fun, especially when you find a group of people to do things with. Just watching what other people do can be very entertaining.

Another one of these threads? Stop making threads about RP servers it’s pointless everyone here has already expressed their views numerous times. If you really want to know what the opinion of darkRP is then just search the forums. We don’t need a new thread about how bad RP is every other week.

You’re angry because people have different interests than you.
Just let people play what they want to play?

My god what happened to spacebuild, labs, and other bad Ass game mods.
Gmod got so brain dead