Why so many servers?

Why so many servers you ask?

Because being an admin means you get hacks without VAC ban. The term “Hacks” can be defined as not just God Mode and the ability to spawn in loot, but also the ability to adjust server parameters to give them an advantage. An example would be adjusting loot tables ex-post-facto (make it harder for people to get good gear after admin gets it) or adjusting air drop loot/required pop threshold to stem the tide of explosives in favor of admin.

For $ every month, you get to cheat.

Fix this please.

To answer your question with your own question.

If you see see an admin abusing powers, go on to another server. Like you just said. “Why so many servers?”

Because I don’t want to spend 3 days playing a server to find out an admin is abusing and then have to move to the next server.

Pretty simple logic. There are regulations on everything in the real world. When you go buy a car, there are standards in place to ensure you don’t have to keep buying a car and returning it till you get one with a working air bag. The consumer can reasonably expect that the airbag meets the criteria set forth for all car air bags.

Likewise, I should reasonably expect all players to play under the same rules, whether or not they own the server space they are playing on.

Play on one of the admin-less official servers since you seem to be in the thought train that server admins should just ban people and nothing else. Remember that doing anything you just complained about yourself when the server files are public will turn you into the not so elusive hypocrite.

Your response doesn’t make sense. Please edit and clarify how I am going to become a hypocrite by taking away some of the admin powers?

I moreso meant you’d be a hypocrite by doing said things yourself, not taking them away. Honestly, once anyone can setup a server I feel everyone is gonna setup a private one and mess around with the very commands and such that they were claiming were overpowered. It doesn’t do much good as damage was apparently done, but I didn’t mean offense by saying hypocrite.

Yeah no worries. I agree. But as it is right now, my options are go to official servers and play hackers, or go to community/mod servers and play with admins (aka hackers).

It hasn’t been like that in my experience. Haven’r run into an admin abuser yet. Soon the admin abusing servers will have no one and they’ll be paying money to play by themselves. The server I’m on has amazing admins that are really active. I like having all these server options. There are so many different play types because of it.

It fixes itself… If you get an admin that abuses powers and kills players, there will be no player base to use the powers upon. Sure you might get the occasional straggler here and there, but largely, you’ll have someone wasting money every month for no reason. It’s counterintuitive and they’ll stop running the server eventually.

Because the people who developed the game didn’t put a limit on how many servers could be rented (which should have obviously been done)

Now there’s enough servers to fill about 500,000 players, something rust won’t even come near probably forever

They have sold over 750,000 copies lol. No there shouldn’t be a limit. If someone wants to pay and make their own server, why shouldn’t they be able to.

I created a server because I was sick of admin abuse, trust me…no admin abuse here. it takes away from the fun of the game. Check us out, small but strong friendly community…come in and start shooting http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1352056.

Not all admins hack/cheat. But this is still the same reason i don’t give admin powers to anybody else but myself. Peoples temptations will get the best of them.

Admins that abuse the community on there respective servers, are generally the types of individuals who won’t continue to pay for a rental once the first month has passed.

There is an huge overflow of servers right now, in a genre of gaming (survival sandbox w/player looting) that (despite the recent popularity) is still very much it’s own niche. Sandboxes will always have a very limited audience, and Rust simply doesn’t have enough players to populate all of these servers.

I run EXILE, a hardcore pvp server that has made raiding an “endgame” objective that requires substantial effort, with the conflicts between the players themselves as the main focus, which results in a slower pace of progression overall. Leading to a much more rewarding experience over time.

Two weeks ago when I first launched the server, I had a steady playerbase of 30-50 on every evening of the week, and maintained about 15-25 during the daytime hours. This was with ZERO advertising, people just came and enjoyed the experience.

We had some issues with our host and were forced to take the server down for three consecutive days while we waited for these problems to be resolved. After getting it back up, our playerbase has been utterly crippled. I am hard pressed to get 1-5 people on at any given time, and trying to keep players has been a nightmare.

That having been said, check us out if you want a solid experience (sorry for the plug, I didn’t intend to, but what the hell - we’re all here), with no abuse from the administration in any way, shape or form. Everyone is welcome, and the server is extremely fresh at the moment, and all the best real estate is just waiting to be built on.

I run the server solo, no other admins, and I don’t pvp on my own server. I play on other servers when I want to pvp. I am a completely neutral observer who enjoys watching the community form and seeing regulars having a decent play to play that makes them want to return day after day. I strictly administrate and moderate when I am available, and I am available daily (evenings on weekdays, all day weekends).

If that sounds like something you might enjoy, then you should checkout:


Prepaid in 6 month cycles, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Because the game doesn’t offer the playerbase for the server count

So? Good servers will be popular and thrive, crappy ones will dwindle and die. New ones will rise and fall. It’s how it works. Look at GMod, or Minecraft, or basically any other game where you can run your own server. Limiting server rentals limits new ideas and could quite possibly kill off what could’ve become a great server. Quit being narrow-minded.

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