Why some hackers are good hackers

Having played rust for over 200 hours, most of that time being on East Coast 3, i have been killed by countless hackers, to the point where if i had the money i would buy another copy of rust just to kill the hackers. But some hackers are good hackers, doing exactly what i would do, which is help the legitimate player and battle the other hackers. When you have white hackers keeping the no life hackers in check it evens out the playing field. But i only wished their were more of these white hackers on official servers. Even though hacking is still wrong.

What is your opinion on hackers who solely pray on other hackers? Do you welcome them?

Obviously it’s stupid to have hackers playing the game as you said but I do find it funny how hackers are fighting each other.

I also cheat on my main account but I think the benefits of having me in a server are more than the disadvantages: I just use the ESP to see if someone hacks, if he doesn’t, I don´t go towards them and I make like I didn’t saw him, even if I know he will problably kill me. If someone cheats AND harms other players, I record it and send it anonymously to the server’s admins. In my opinion, hacks were not made to screw other people, they were made to have a boost on the gameplay (mainly for those like me who work a lot and can play the game for a short time) and to screw those who screw with hacks.

PD: English is not my main language so I may have made some mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

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hey guys, let’s cheat to beat out the cheaters so that we can all get banned together!

All this ridiculous and childish rationalisation about “hackers” is infuriating. Also, hacker seems an overly generous term for every pleb who downloaded something that an actual hacker made. If that actual hacker was a “good” white hat hacker then they probably wouldn’t rush out to make lots of money out of it. The hackers do not create something amazing and new with their coding talents - they pick a popular game someone else put all the risk into and leech off that.

Don’t play games with the rights and wrongs of it. This is unhelpful and muddies the waters. Fuck hacking douchebags. It’s that simple.

I’m not a 100% pc gamer, in fact, my main steam account only has 2 other games and the are f2p lol

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Hacking is hacking, there is no excuse to do it. If I find what you call a “good” hacker on my server, they will be banned just like any other hacker. VAC, CheatPunch, and the upcoming EAC will handle the hackers. No one wins if you hack.

Would murdering a murderer be acceptable?

If i add my point of salt :
those “white hacker” will increase the fun of “black hackers” because they will create a new challenge…

wtf is this thread about?

Something about hackers hacking to prevent hacking hackers from hacking the hacker hack back?

or cookies… not quite sure…

They may take our accounts and stats BUT THEY WILL NOT TAKE OUR FREEDOM

then they all get banned

You guys ever heard the saying “Two wrongs don’t make a right?”
Regardless of the intentions, whether good or bad, you** will** be banned for cheating.

well in math one negative subtracting another negative equal a positive number so mathematically you are wrong, checkm8

In the words of the Late great Eddie Guerrero “Cheat to Win!”

I can care less about hackers right now. In a year or so when the game is completed then I will care. Until then I hope they all kill each other.

What about 1 or more only for hacker-servers.???

You’re thinking of multiplication.

Subtracting a negative from a negative will give you a greater value, but won’t give you a positive unless the second negative number is less than the first.

-10- -5 = -5

You math badly.

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