Why stone walls breakes down?

Hi all.
Sorry for my english, but i try to explain you my situation.
There are the stone walls are breaking very often on my server. When the players put the wall - it has a blue form, but it crashed very often when they tut it on the ground. How can i solve this? Is that a stability problen or what?

so it breaks the instant they place it? sounds like stability yeah.

if it was entity limit, afaik you wouldn’t even be able to place it.

yes, instant. just put, and it has breaks. Maybe it is a relief problem? because the player put another wall near this place - and it puts normal.
And it is not an entity limit.

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When the player install the walls - it crashes often, and when i do it, it is don’t crash. I am the owner and admin, he is only player.

unfortunately if its the high walls, it’s not going to be stability either.

presumably a bug that will be patched in the future.

anyone else experiencing the same? and is the issue only for the stone high wall, or does it happen to other building parts?

Maybe issue with mods?