Why Take Zombies Out of The Game?

Im writing this post because i dont get why the zombies in this game are being taken out…
In my opinion i think zombies will make a big difference when there gone because they add a bit more of a challenge to the game and also zombies drop quite good loot and sometimes guard Radiation areas where loot is.
Even if they are being taken out what if they were made a bit more rare and dont drop as good loot.

When the game was first designed it was a DayZ clone.
They’re trying to give the game it’s own identity and move it away from the dozens of survival zombie games that are out there.
I believe there are plans to replace them with something else, or maybe they’ll just increase the amount of wild animals that roam.

By all accounts the Trello is full of details about this. Take a look!

I heard something about them being replaced with Mutants but much much much less/rarer to find + Increasing the overall wild Animals/adding new predators to the mix.

~ C

gaintmutantzombiedinosuarnecromorphs its a word now

I would prefer something else than Zombies. :slight_smile:

Because they do nothing for the game, the only time I ever go near a zombie is when I’m blueprint hunting, once I have my blueprints zombies are irrelevant

Zombies are a bland, cliche enemy that do nothing but drop blueprints, food, armor and ammo.
End game, only the last of those items is important.

I like that mutant concept art though, of the deer and the chicken.