Why the Axis really lost WWII

Didn’t take me very long maybe half an hour but I think it turned out pretty nice. I’ve only had Garry’s Mod a week and if its really bad critisism please im not a troll. I know I messed up the posing on the Wermacht on the right, I didnt notice until after I made it and I forgot to save it, Sorry. Thanks.


I don’t get it…
Anyway, the posing needs work and the whole scene is kinda boring. But i like the pixelated speechbubbles

you cant go in spawn zones on DOD thanks for the crit

Or jump that high. I think.

Guy with the Mauser c96 seems stiff

Is it because of stiff posing?

Bunkers? I see sandbags.

floating germans…wut?

Not funny.

I don’t get it.

The posing is really off. The guy on the right is floating.