Why the facepunch is not developing this game ?

Personally, I love this game but.

All the shit about how much time it will take to do a game is just bullshit. Facepunch has resources to update this game every week with major updates.

First of all. Facepunch is doing this game with Unity, so they don’t do the gameengine themselves. They got all important things done before even starting developing this game.
Shame on you Garry.

Second thing is that only thing that really takes time is 3D-modelling. Coding isn’t so hard if you use Unity or may I say scripting. Even one man could make many bugfixes in week.

But really, this game hopefully be awesome, but the bullshit that it is time taking to make a game is bullshit.

Sources : I have been developing games with Unity and with Opengl / OpenAL for 3 years now.

Ok mister 3 year game developer, apply to facepunch and hop on the free money train you think it is. Then maybe some other dickhole programmer can bitch at you about how you can’t get anything done and they could do it twice as fast blind folded.

Wait and stop crying like everyone else. Let them take their time no need to rush.

I will give them time. But all the bullshit that it is so time taking to bug fix or develop is just stupid.

You have to think about that they actually do stuff for garrys mod still.

lmao, making a game isn’t easy

this isn’t call of duty, you can’t just “Make the game out of thin air”

TF2 took 8 years to make.

Oh I thought that game making is a easy. J!NX, do you really thing that it is so hard to do some bugfixes that everyone wants and things ? Are you stupid or what. Even small teams can make games quick especially when they use ready engines like Facepunch does.

DeadBall, if you’re so smart why you don’t apply as developer there? :wink:
And I think the ‘not own engine’ is a point which should take more time, not less.
They have to learn how to work with this engine.
If they had an own they also would understand it completely.

Look at KeenSWH and Space Engineers.
They work with their own engine (VRage I think) and they’re able to release a pretty fine update every thursday.

Be patient. Everything needs time to grow.

In the developer commentary, Gabe said “After 9 years in development, hopefully it’s been worth the wait”

Except they don’t want to rush it

as of now they have everything client side, resulting in easier updates but far more cheats

but it’s not even released yet, they’ll worry about that shit afterwards

and you’re pretty dumb if you don’t think an update every 3 days is enough.

really, if you’re going to bitch about it like that, in such an nonconstructive way, maybe you shouldn’t buy any more early access games. you are helping no one. You’re basically useless to the devs when you just complain, and don’t give constructive thoughtful ideas. You’re being completely thoughtless and “Even small games can make games quick” is pretty ignorant to say.

You can make a really good game in 1 day, doesn’t mean it’ll be properly developed. The longer it’s worked on up until a certain point, the better the likelyhood of stability. Rushing solves nothing.


man what a knee slapper

no it’s not easy to bugfix

you fix 1 bug, 50 more pop up. It literally will not end. And you know what? you’re slowing them down by not even showing how or what is going on.

“will give them time!”
“but the time i have to wait is ridiculous!!!”

that’s how dumb that sounds

When was the last time you played gmod?

I’d say HL2 would be a better example, because final TF2 took Valve ~2 years to make from scratch. Before that it was either frozen or the game back then was entirely different.

the developers went to seattle for a conference this week

to be fair

survival games are very complicated to balance compared to hl2 and tf2 combined

that’s the biggest thing with rust. Balancing gameplay in a game you have no idea what it’ll become, as well as many bugs that come with making a game in alpha.

im not sure

Why don’t you provide the download link for some of your awesome games?

I heard garry is still passed out in a hooka bar at Pike Place Market.

I can’t give you the games free, you can buy them. + There is contract that I can’t say anything bad about the company or that someone could get negative image about the company or something like that.

It’s because they are so busy dealing with the bitching of the community.

Its like waiting for a bus.

You will happily sit for a period of time befor the wait becomes too rediculous and you lose all hope of getting a bus and leave.

Sounds perfectly logical from here.