Why the fuck is he getting so damn close?


Might be last stand contest entry…

I couldn’t find a good angle, Cc please.

69105 and rossum please post about how you hate black bars and how much fail my posing is and my editing.

** Back story **

smoking is bad, kills the lungs man

You can easily compensate that with exercise, which is what I do.

Thanks for cc! :slight_smile:

Green is the new brown.

ttam6297 please blow off criticism just because you think you’re somehow above it, and oh, why not snipe at a few members you don’t like while you’re at it. prick.

not that you give a fuck for honest crit (plainly), but here’s some anyway.

angle is boring. pan the camera down rather than up. crate is fucked, use a different model or photoshop it to repair the obvious holes in the mesh. posing on the two foreground guys is alright, if a little plain, but the assassin (particularly his hands) is not. weapons on top of the crate seem to have just been dumped there haphazardly to try and make it look less boring; at least add some shadows cast by them. in fact, concentrate less on applying a shitty green overlay to everything (it could be fucking pink for all i care, it still has the same effect as making the whole picture brown for no reason - it makes it look bad) and spend that time on going through and working on the lighting and shadows. oh, and since you obviously already know black bars are pointless, it is beyond me as to why you added them.

i keenly await your denial of everything i’ve just said and your indignant little rant about how you’re perfect and what i’ve said is all just ‘opinions’ and how you do what you want, because you’re all grown up now and mommy and daddy can’t tell you what to do so neither can i.

of course, i’d be really fucking happy if you did the opposite and actually took that in and fixed it in your next picture (who knows, i might even regain some of the respect you immediately lost yourself by your snide little comment in that post), but i honestly don’t expect it from someone who seems so hellbent on being a rebel and fighting the man (or at least, his criticism).


also if the theme is last stand, you may want to rethink this. i doubt it’s the assassin’s last stand, as he has the drop on them both; by the same token, they can’t make much of a stand if they’re both dead before they know what the fuck.

we dont need individual threads for everyones contest entries thats what the CONTEST thread is for :confused:

You can’t.

why are their heads so big? it’s a balaclava, not a wool sweater.

I quite like the angle in this shot, it looks as though you screencapped a scene from a movie with the lighting and the way the guy is just about to pop the first guy’s head…but not quite yet :slight_smile:

Or you could not smoke and exercise, which is better again.

That isn’t exactly how it works…

“Cancer? Hahah what? No. I jog.”

Smoking also weakens physical performance, so exercising is no excuse.

I’m willing to take your critism, I just hate how you put it out there and some retarded comments you make, yes you give some of the best critizism, I have great respect for you. You just sometimes can be a really big dick, but then again you are just going to say, if you yell its going to make everything better.

I hate black bars, your posing sucks and your editing is shit.


I’m joking.

I really needed that motivation. Thanks :slight_smile:

Good Stuff.

Boring Stuff.

ttam6297 Stuff.

Wow, I have never read a more misinformed statement in my entire life!

Hey guys smoking is okay now exercising directly prevents cancer and gets rid of the tar in your lungs.

Also, these pictures are so freaking boring.