Why the gravity is not adjusted when SetGravity is called with a vector sever side

Hi forum,

So I am calling: https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/physenv/SetGravity

and using it to adjust the gravity of the server environment ( server side ). I call it for example with “physenv.SetGravity( Vector(0,0,-120) )” but nothing happens.
I expect it to adjust the gravity affecting the props, as it “does not work on players” so to speak.

Here for the gravity member is directly adjusted using a vector and it completes successfully, otherwise it should crash with “attempt to call nil value” when the function is not available or “Bad argument 1 to physenv.SetGravity vector expected, got nil” when the vector is not available, but it is.

Am I missing something guys like refreshing the server environment after I do the physenv.SetGravity call?

Edit: Saw it … actually calling the getter here … i knew that something is not right …