Why the hell am I seeing lag switching tutorials here and on the GitHub?

This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m ALL for explaining a glitch. But lag switching tutorials?! At LEAST not on the games official pages!
Lag switching is not a glitch or an exploit; it’s just cheating.
The way it gets “fixed” is by deciding what traffic can stay connected, what’s an acceptable bitrate / bitrate drop and ping. Many games implement stalling your gameplay to match your lowest (upload, download). This shouldn’t need to be implemented yet.

Specifically, stop lag switching as if its okay until it gets prevented.

Why are you seeing them on GitHub?

Because part of the bug reporting process is explaining what steps are to be repeated to see the bug. Seeing exactly how to replicate a certain problem is crucial to development. By watching a tutorial, one can see that there is an issue in the way the server handles splitting object piles.

This is how you report bugs.

Like I said I don’t consider manipulating your connection a bug.
The developers KNOW what a connection slowing down means. They know what lag is.

All a tutorial does it teach people how to cheat. I mean seriously; hotkeys?

because the whole point of an alpha is to document these bugs to get them fixed.

If one is using a lag switch then they are the bug. See what I’m saying?
The only part of the dupe glitch, for example, that’s inherent to the game is that it’s not checking the amount of items in the new slot before it adds to it. The fact that a lag switch can affect gameplay is common sense.

To be clear, I think it should be worked on but: ‘let’s dupe until its fixed’ and ‘let’s lag switch until its prevented’ are not on the same level

Exploits are a type of bug. If the inventory system doesn’t handle disconnections well (like what we’re dealing with), then yeah, it’s a bug.

Sorry. An exploit, in video games, is the use of a bug or glitches, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers.

It is an exploit and belongs in Bug Reports.

I stand corrected. I was thinking in terms of ethics, I guess.

I’ve always considered glitches performed in-game alone to be fair game, but using outside implements like ESP, aimbots, lagswitches to be cheating.

I hear ya, and I agree. I wont ever fault a player from taking advantage of known exploits, as long as those players are mature enough to report them immediately and clearly, because at the end of the day, it’s the devs responsibility to address them very promptly for the sake of sound game-play.

And yea…it’s not ethical game-play to take advantage of them during game-play as far as Im concerned, but another side of me would rather see every exploit being taken advantage of by all players, and publicized by every player so that its’ awareness and prompt attention to detail and fixing is elevated on the devs project list.

It’s not when you have to tweek your firewall to make it lag your connection to abuse a game. Cmon guys this is common sense, anything that gives an unfair advantage isn’t fair game. As a good tester, you send the bug report to the dev and you stop abusing it, even if others are doing it.(hey cinnabon btw :P)

It is not correct, indeed they can and should report but when you actually aim to teach with TUTORIALS (!) that is a whole other story…

Never heard of human stupidity?