Why the hell did rust die down all the sudden?

Hey everyone of face punch, So I hopped on rust today and I noticed that rust doesn’t have very many players on…? There used to be like 700+ People now just a little above or under 200??? What the hell? yesterday it was loaded and today like no one is playing…???

Because of the dupe, no one can build and admins still fail to wipe etc. Also servers need new shit to play with since there isn’t enough content, and because we never get news from the developers on what they are working on and when it should be released. Also because there is to many servers, if people just stuck with official would be a lot better than spreading the players over hundreds of servers.

Time zones are these things where people live at different places in time but at the same time as you

it’s a pretty common phenomenon I think you should read up on it

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And this, but also timezones

Well…. Yesterday when I got home from school a lot of people where on… now today no one is… This is really abnormal…

-never mind-


new developing game, ndw bupe bug and stupid servers that arent official, in which had seperated the rust community.

The games retention rate is pretty poor right now. Keys aren’t on sale and without new players every day the population is dropping quickly. Why? I’m sure it’s a combination of factors. What is billed as a survival sandbox game is, right now, a base building/raiding game mostly. The game is currently greatly skewed to group/clan play, but the majority of the player base will always be solo players. Solos get tired of being rolled over by the clans, so they leave. Then all the clans have to do is raid each other, they get tired of raiding the same base every day so they leave. Empty server. Updates will bring some back, the Steam release will bring many but the current retention rate worries me. I do wish they would get some of the base defenses in before Steam. All the dupes and hacks aren’t helping either. Actual official servers, clearly marked would help a lot. People don’t trust the private ones anymore.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the game until lately. But building just to be raided over and over is honestly not fun after one or two times it becomes a grind that has no purpose. I really hope they make some changes to the ease of breaking into someones place. I want more survival and less of this griefing garbage.

I am struggling to keep playing the game anymore because of that duping bug. A group of guys keep coming back to my house with duped C4 and kevlar and raid my friends and I daily…It’s just unplayable until they fix the duping bug and wipe the servers.

I think when the full map is available it will be much better.

Because people can’t host servers themselves.
Current servers are beeing run on mediocre hardware, and causes lag/instability everywhere.

This isn’t true for many reasons, one of the ones is as I said YESTERDAY the game was still normal but today it dropped 75% of players.

because it sucks


it’s an alpha, ofc it’s not always fun, quite honestly I’ll wait till’ they patch everything to the point where it’s playable