Why the hell is DarkRP so popular?

I know nine year old kids like to randomly shoot and arrest because they were raised on Cawadoody, but other than that, what the hell urges people to run DarkRP?

I’ve been wanting to run a server for a while now (ISP and hardware won’t cooperate, HDD just took a shit in my server computer), but I very rarely thought of running a DarkRP server and I completely cut the idea after some initial testing and finding out that I won’t be able to un-shittify the gamemode without learning Lua.


I guess because it’s less complicated? I have no idea. I’ve seen servers where you make your own name, it has a title screen, etc. I’m anything but an admin.

The gamemode is preset and easy to install.
The code is easy to modify when it comes to the things people look for (jobs, weapons, etc).
The gamemode has seniority.
It looks laid back, which many people look for. Some people don’t want to be in a serious roleplay where their presence is pretty much required.

That being said, I still don’t completely support it. I’m just stating reasons.

But all of that is it’s main downfall.

1.) Presets make most servers alike.
2.) Most weapons added are retarded and the jobs are often overdone to a point of TF2 silliness.
3.) Sandbox has the most seniority hands down. TTT is pretty up there, too.
4.) Good point here, but I’d say it’s even better to idle in sandbox.

I get where you’re going with this, but this same stuff here is what makes it a bad gamemode. I’m 14 and I know this shit. I’m sure any Average Joe could, too.

It’s easy to fuck around. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

TTT is probably the oldest, if I’m not mistaken. It was probably started back in CS 1.6 (or Condition Zero, I’m not sure)

  1. Every server has their own little modifications here and there but yes, most are alike. Some people start their servers up with the intention of being like another server as well.
  2. Silliness is what many focus on. There’s a hobo job with the model of a corpse; it’s not serious.
  3. Yes but DarkRP still has seniority regardless. Especially when compared to most roleplay gamemodes.
  4. DarkRP supplies goals but no rush to complete them. You gather money to get items but you have the ability to do things in the mean-time. You can still roleplay a bit just don’t expect anything serious.

Age is not a factor in knowledge. It isn’t a bad gamemode, just a simple one. If you plan to create a thriving community, it will (most likely) not work on its own; you will need to create modifications.

It’s great for people new to the Roleplay experience, both coding and playing. I personally used the gamemode to start get a basic understanding of lua since I could see my work having a noticeable effect (even though it was just a job or weapon).

Because…because… Well, I’m really not too sure :\

Thanks for telling us.

As for a serious answer… it’s got a theme and classes that are pretty easy to get into.
It’s fairly easy to roleplay cops and crooks, the mob do criminal things, the civil protection try to prevent them, civilians just try to live normally and stay out of the way.
There are many obvious flaws with this gamemode, but it’s still one of the better roleplaying gamemodes in terms of accessibility, learning curve, and entertainment.

I think one of DarkRP’s best features is the different classes having different purposes and objects to support those purposes, because if you give people too much freedom to roleplay whatever they want then they’ll just be confused what they are supposed to do. In DarkRP when you choose a role, you are given the thing you need to act like that role.

Because it’s easy.

Why are 99% of all RP servers DarkRP or some generic post apocalyptic setting? There is a lot of content for all of that stuff already out there so if you don’t want to/aren’t smart enough to do you’re own work it’s easy to get up and running. DarkRP has the added advantage of not needing canon or background story since it’s usually just a modern city setting which is easy to get into.

DarkRP is a good idea badly executed. It has a good base for a roleplaying gamemode, but it has a lot of issues regarding the usefulness and also exploitation of the different classes. Some classes have abilities that makes them very useful, some classes have abilities that makes them moderately useful, some classes have no abilities or just useless gimmicks. Everyone wants to play the useful classes in the game, because with every other class you will just fuck around and/or spawn a moneyprinter because nobody ever needs your services.

I think this is the reason this gamemode is so full of trolls and kids… because the only classes anyone can ever play serious and still be useful with, are the classes that have abilities that are also very easy to exploit to get advantages over other players in ways they are not intended to.

Liberty for a player to do what he wants.

DarkRP is old and people don’t like changes. Look at Tiramisu. Awesome gamemode but mostly nobody will remember it a few weeks after the developers leave.

There’s no reason for DarkRP to be popular other than how there are entire communities of a fair degree of seniority based around it and that simply refuse to experiment as what they have works, regardless of how horribly coded, lackluster and feature lacking DarkRP is.

DarkRP is extremely dated but people like the simple “pickup and play” ideology that it gives instead of the otherwise complex freedom within boundaries on serious roleplay, which is more like a hobby rather than something you can actually just casually play every now and then.

Every other RP gamemode has that.

Application based SERVERS do not have liberty. The job selection system gives the player quick access to be what they want and the /job does as well. Very little amount of people want to build a character throughout weeks.

Its fun and carefree. IF you want to rp but don’t want to make it a hobby darkrp is, as the guy said above, pick up and play. You can start up garrysmod and just be what you want for a while, then log out without any feeling of guilt that the decisions you made might have changed anything.

It’s still the same freedom within boundaries every RP concept has. Applications don’t have ANYTHING to do with the script to begin with so what’s the argument here?

I think he’s saying that DarkRP relies more on content than on imagination.
You don’t have to pretend to be someone, you just select the class you want to be.