Why the method Entity:OBBCenter() returns Vector(0,0,0) when a panel is created

Hi y’all. The title pretty much says it all. Let’s see the following functions:

As I previously had " Ent:OBBCenter() " here it returns Vector(0,0,0) in [201]

So I changed this to " (uiEnt:OBBMaxs()-uiEnt:OBBMins()):Mul(0.5) " hoping it would work, as my track pieces are rendered with an offset it’s kinda annoying

Is there any better way to overcome this issue ?

clientside models don’t have bounding boxes.

local mins, maxs = panel.Entity:GetRenderBounds()
local center = (maxs + mins) / 2

I think this should do it, as the function also return vectors. ;D

Wrong, they do. But it gets set once they get rendered (might be SetupBones() that does it, either that or DrawModel())
My HoloBuilder uses clientside models to render the holograms, and I use OBBMins, OBBMaxs and OBBCenter with it.